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Viking unveils new safety systems

VIKING will showcase its new solutions and servicing concepts in a forthcoming exhibition. The company says their products combine all the advantages of modern lifeboats, such as self-propelled maneuverability, with the flexibility, comfort and smaller footprint of liferafts. In addition, their new storage and launch unit, is expected to set new standards for innovation, functionality and aesthetics in deckside or hull-integrated evacuation systems.

Don’t bypass the safety device

The Nautical Institute has issued Mars Report regarding an accident in which incinerator safety devices bypassed and provides lessons learned for the proper use of safety devices. NI says that safety devices are there to protect you, so don’t be tempted to bypass them, particularly when working alone.

Airbags for ships save lives, environment and cargo

The EU-funded project SuSy, completed in 2013, have turned such an idea into a proof of concept. The project developed a proposal to install inflatables on ships including a system to blow them up vary rapidly

USCG Alert on Important Emergency Escape Breath Devices

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Maritime Administrator has received a Safety Alert issued by the US Coast Guard referring to important emergency escape breath devices and emergency life support apparatus information.

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