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'Close quarter situation' leads to collision in Turkish Straits

On 27 November 2016, the Maltese registered cargo vessel ‘Sider Capri’ and the Italian flagged ro-ro vessel ‘Grande Anversa’ collided in the Çanakkale Strait’s Traffic Separation Scheme, both sustaining structural damages. The safety investigation by MSIU found that a close quarter situation developed to a point that a collision became inevitable.

Deviation from the passage plan leads to grounding

On 22 November 2016, the Maltese registered bulk carrier Robusto ran aground and remained stranded in the entrance of El Dekheila Channel, Egypt. Transport Malta’s MSIU issued an investigation report, revealing that the course recommended by the pilot was different from the one prepared in the passage planning.

Captain fined after cargo vessel grounding

The captain of the Dutch motor vessel ‘Ruyter’ that ran aground at Rathlin Island has been fined £1,000 at Armagh Magistrate’s Court, after pleading guilty to failing to keep a proper look out. 

ATSB: Maintenance plan problem leads to grounding

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau issued an investigation report on the grounding of a products and chemical tanker in the port of Philip, Victoria, in August 2016, highlighting the importance of a well-formulated maintenance plan for safe navigation.

Buoy shot and sunk off Block Island

The US Coast Guard informed that the Clay Head buoy number 7 off Block Island was discovered to be sunk. Upon retrieval by the USCG buoy tender Ida Lewis, the buoy was found to have 20 bullet holes and had to be taken out of service for repairs. This is the second aid discovered with bullet holes within a week.

Cell phones: A hazard to navigation?

Occasioned by an accident caused by the crew being distracted by using their mobile phones, both an investigation report and a guidance were recently issued. The North of England P&I Club further encouraged the development of procedures for the restriction of mobile phone usage.

UK MAIB investigates collision on Humber River

The UK MAIB, after having investigated the collision between Petunia Seaways and Peggotty on the River Humber 19 May 2016, concluded that Peggotty’s skipper became disorientated in the dense fog, resulting in him taking the motor launch into the shipping channel and subsequently into the path of the outbound ferry.


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