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UK invests in new ship to boost safety in domestic waters

The UK Department for Transport bought a new ship for the General Lighthouse Authority to enhance safety in domestic waters. The vessel – which is yet to be named – is expected to replace the ageing THV Patricia that has been in service since 1982.

10 tips for coping with weather at sea

The Nautical Institute issued its June edition of The navigator focusing on weather as a critical factor for safe navigation. The weather can make the difference between a prosperous or loss-making voyage, can cause injury to crew and passengers and can even lead to the loss of a ship.

Problems of transporting nickel ore cargoes

As the American Club says, Pandiman Philippines Inc., the Club’s correspondents in Manila, provided the following reminder regarding the hazards associated with the carriage of nickel ore, as the seasonal export of this dangerous cargo from the Philippines gets underway.

July 1st marks the first World Marine Aids to Navigation Day

1st July marks the First World Marine Aids to Navigation Day. The day is established by IALA, and aims to promote greater awareness to mariners and the wider public regarding the crucial role of Aids to Navigation to ensure a safe and efficient navigation.

US Navy sailors receive enhanced navigation training

As part of its efforts to building a safer and more combat-effective force on the aftermath of two deadly collisions in 2017, the US Navy announced that 19 sailors graduated from the updated Quartermaster (QM) “A” School curriculum on 20 June.

Non-compliant AIS devices can cause major disruptions

While Automatic Identification System (AIS) is designed to mitigate collisions and enhance situational awareness by exchanging real-time vessel information, this navigational tool can degrade or even disrupt other users’ systems if it is non-compliant with adopted international standards, USCG warned. 

NOAA: What is a bight?

A bight is a long, gradual bend or recess in the shoreline that forms a large, open bay. Bights are shallow and may pose hazards to navigation, so their depths, in addition to any submerged features like sand bars and rock formations, are clearly marked on nautical charts.

Ten tips for coping with weather at sea

Weather at sea is a deadly serious and always relevant safety issue. The weather can make the difference between a prosperous or loss-making voyage, can cause injury to crew and passengers and can even lead to the loss of a ship. 

Canada lifts navigation restrictions related to flooding

Canada announced the lifting of navigation restrictions in certain zones previously identified in Interim Order no.3 Respecting Flooded Areas, due to improved navigational safety conditions and following consultations with local authorities and law enforcement.

Safe boating in Vancouver: The rules of water

As activity in the Vancouver harbour increases with more commercial and recreational boaters sharing the waterways, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority and Vancouver Police Department Marine Unit issued guidance encouraging boaters to follow safe boating practices.


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