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Watch: AR navigation system to support safe watchkeeping

Japanese shipping company MOL and electronics firm Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. made a joint presentation of their advanced augmented reality (AR)-based Navigation System. The system provides visual support to crew members during their watch-keeping and ship operations by using AR technology.

MOL sets bird’s-eye view monitoring system on board tugboat

MOL collaborated with Oki Electric Industry (OKI), to launch a joint study on the use of OKI’s bird’s-eye view monitoring system to monitor a 360° field of view around a tugboat. The system was installed on the tugboat Asaka Maru and a preliminary experiment was conducted.

Watch: MOL to install augmented reality system on 21 VLCCs

Japanese shipping company MOL announced its intention to install a navigation system using augmented reality (AR) technology jointly developed by Furuno Electric and MOL Techno-Trade, on 21 MOL-operated very large crude oil carriers (VLCCs).

Watch: How can digitalization improve harbour craft sub-sector

Digital technology has helped SMEs in the harbour craft sub-sector to seize new opportunities and make large steps in improving operational efficiency, enhancing capabilities and upskilling workers to achieve better job satisfaction and work-life balance. With an electronic booking system misudnerstanding with the counter can be prevented,while it will also help save time in finding the location of the vessel based on GPS.

Watch: Autonomous manoeuvring ships trials carried out on North Sea

A series of tests took place on 19 and 20 March with autonomous operations in the North Sea, about 5 nautical miles from the coast at Den Helder. The SeaZip 3, a Damen Fast Crew Supplier 2610 ‘Twin Ax’ was equipped with intelligent control to avoid collisions and took part in various runs of nautical scenarios to enable interaction of the ship with other shipping traffic.

Watch: What the future holds for STM

STM published a video summarizing what has been done until now and what is to happen. Namely, STM aspires to enable a good port call, just-in-time arrival and a fast turnaround. Now STM has set the base and aims to develop in order to help shipping evolve. STM now wants to further develop its services to improve safety, efficiency and situation awareness.

Copernicus: The EU maritime surveillance service

Copernicus Maritime Surveillance Service, previously known as GMES, is the European Programme using sophisticated satellites for earth observation. Managed by EMSA, the service can be used to address a wide range of areas, such as piracy, marine environment, defence, and customs. 

NI explores a new approach for S-Mode

The S-Mode is the standardised display for electronic navigation equipment which aims to decrease the burden of familiarisation when a seafarer steps aboard a new ship and is faced with unfamiliar navigation equipment. It’s been championed by The Nautical Institute since 2008 and has been discussed for over 10 years so far.

Safe Passage in the Singapore Strait

Videos showcase helpful tips and practices on safe navigation across the Singapore Strait (Westbound & Eastbound) . They are a joint production by Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore to enhance awareness for the safe passage in the area, which is one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, carrying about one third of the world’s traded goods.

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