Ro-ro vessel hit by fire off Port of Santa Cruz

On 22 February, the ro-ro cargo vessel called “Volcán de Teneguía” reported a fire incident onboard, after leaving Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands. In fact, the freight ship was loaded with vehicles and other cargo so as to deliver them to its final destination, Port of Cadiz, Spain.

Ro-Ro cargo ship that caught fire off Tuscany seized

After the Ro-Ro cargo ship ‘Eurocargo Trieste’ caught fire off Tuscany, on November the 21st, an inspection took place by technicians of the Harbour Office, to investigate the incident. The inspection found various anomalies, and the vessels was seized in Livorno on November 23rd.

Ro-Ro cargo ship catches fire off Tuscany

A fire took place in the engine room of the Grimaldi-owned Ro-Ro cargo ship, Eurocargo Trieste, on November the 21st. The incident took place while the vessel was transiting off the coast of Tuscany. No injuries were reported, and the fire was put out.

39 bodies discovered in truck trailer near UK Ro-Ro port

On October 23, 39 bodies of Chinese nationals were found in a refrigerated truck trailer just outside the Purfleet freight terminal, a ro/ro freight ferry port, 18 miles outside of London on the River Thames. The British Ports Association commented on these findings, saying that ‘we were horrified to see the events in Essex.’

MS Estonia sinking: One of the deadliest accidents in European waters

The sinking of the ferry vessel MS Estonia in the Baltic Sea marks the second-deadliest peacetime sinking of a European ship, after the Titanic, as well as the deadliest peacetime shipwreck to have taken place in European waters. At the time of the incident, the ship was carrying 989 people, of whom 852 lost their lives. When the MS Estonia sank it shook the shipping industry, due to its unprecedented extent in the number of victims, and the damage it was caused.

Herald of Free Enterprise: A wake-up call for Ro-Ro safety

32 years have passed since the capsizing of Herald of Free Enterprise, only a few minutes after leaving Zeebrugge port on 6 March 1987, killing 193 people. The incident is considered, not only as the deadliest casualty involving a UK-registered ship since 1919, but also as a wake-up call for safety improvements.

Ro-ro ferry hits jetty, grounded due to loss of control

The UK MAIB issued an investigation report on the UK-registered ro-ro passenger ferry, Pride of Kent, that struck a jetty and then grounded while departing Calais, France, on December 2017 amid loss of control. The ferry was re-floated later that day and moved to a berth where the passengers disembarked.

Salvage tug to tow Sincerity Ace

A salvage tug is carrying out a search and recovery mission for the five missing crewmembers of the Sincerity Ace, which caught fire northwest of Oahu on the high seas, on December 31. The tug will now perform its own search for the missing before taking the Sincerity Ace in tow and bringing the ship to a port of refuge.

Ferry catches fire off Indonesia

The ferry ‘Gerbang Samudra I’ caught fire early on December 2. The incident happened after the vessel had left Surabaya, Java and was heading for the port of Banarmasin in Kalimantan. 145 people were rescued , but according to information 3 are missing.

EMSA: 20% of investigated accidents on Ro-Ros are fire related

According to EMSA data, the last seven years, 3,236 Ro-Ro accidents were reported out of which 25% are fire related, 19% collisions and 16% are attributed to loss of control. Assessing risks before starting an operation is a critical step, EMSA notes, highlighting lessons learned from Ro-Ro analysis.


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