EU project LASH FIRE aims to improve Ro-Ro ship fire safety

The European Commission announced investment of EUR 12 million to address maritime fire safety challenge for Ro-Ro ships. Project partners from 13 EU Member States investigate cost-efficient measures to mitigate this international shipping challenge. 

EMSA to ensure safety of Ro-Ros and high-speed passenger vessels

On 24-25 September, EMSA organised a workshop on the implementation of a system of inspections for the safe operation of ro-ro passenger ships and high-speed passenger craft in regular service, entering into force on 20 December. During the workshop, the guidance documentation developed by EMSA for inspectors was finalised, while updates were also given on THETIS for Port State Control as well as on the new module on THETIS EU for Flag States.

Finnish Ministry: Reforms on vessel safety almost complete

The Ministry of Transport and Communication of Finland announced that the legislative reform concerning the safety of passenger ships will be completed once the related decrees are specified and clarified. Amendments will be made to the Decree on Inspecting Foreign Vessels in Finland. 

EMSA issues final report of the Firesafe Study

EMSA’s Firesafe study focuses on electrical fire as ignition risk and fire extinguishing failure, after consultation with experts from Maritime Administrations and Accident Investigation Bodies. The study showed that approximately 30% of fires on ro-ro passenger ships originate on the vehicle deck and 90% of these, in the cargo being transported.


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