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Singapore plans to reform amid piracy in the Strait rises

In a written reply to a Parliamentary Question on Piracy Along Singapore Strait by Mr Christopher de Souza, the Minister for Defence, Dr Ng Eng Hen noted that the Maritime Security Task Force (MSTF) plans to restructure in order to deal with piracy at sea.

Seafarers significantly concerned over criminalisation

Nautilus International heard the results of the Nautilus Federation report regarding criminalisation in the shipping industry. The results show that approximately 90% of the seafarers questioned, expressed concerns about the issue, while two thirds said it impacted the way they felt about working in the profession.

Pirates board cargo ship, they steal cash and shoes

Pirates attacked a South Korean-flagged cargo ship in the South China Sea early on July 22, and stole thousands of dollars in cash, as well as the sailors’ shoes. Because of the attack, two people sustained minor injuries. What is more, after the pirates boarded the CK Bluebell, they took $13,000 and belongings, such as mobile phones, clothes and shoes from the 22 crewmembers. The incident happened near the Singapore Strait.

ReCAAP ISC reports 64 piracy incidents in Asia since January

According to the latest ReCAAP ISC report on piracy in Asia, a total of 64 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia during January-September 2018. Of these 64 incidents, 3 were incidents of piracy and 61 were incidents of armed robbery. This is an increase of 3%.

ReCAAP ISC, RSIS held roundtable about piracy at sea

ReCAAP ISC and the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies organised a Maritime Roundtable, regarding piracy and robbery at sea. The roundtable was held in conjunction with the Singapore Maritime Week 2018. The topic of discussion was “Is a Single Reporting Centre the Answer to Timely Reporting, and Prompt Response against Piracy and Sea Robbery?”

ReCAAP ISC: Tug boat robbed off Bangladesh

In its weekly report, the ReCAAP ISC informed of an incident involving the tug boat ‘Crest Spartan 8’, while underway approximately 13 nm west of Kutubdia Island, Bangladesh. While the tug boat towing barge was underway to Maishakali, the Second Officer spotted a small boat approaching the barge.

Shipping firms must remain vigilant, Malaysia urges

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency Sarawak region, chief First Admiral, Ismaili Bujang Pit, urged shipping companies not to be negligent when it come to the ships’ safety, as robbers will take advantage of such a situation, especially in Indonesia waters.

CHIRP releases new maritime safety video

In its latest CHIRP Maritime Video Broadcast Number 8 filmed onboard HMS Victory, the focus is on safety lessons learned from reports on attempted armed Robbery, more Issues related to Pilot Boarding and a reminder for viewers of the ‘Deadly Dozen’ approach to safety reporting.

Maersk tanker robbed off Indonesia

In its weekly report for 7-13 March 2017, RECAAP ISC informed that robbers boarded a product tanker, owned by Danish Maersk, and stole ship equipment, while the vessel was at Inner Anchorage, Dumai, Indonesia, in early hours of March 12.

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