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BMP 5 guidance necessary in every HRA transit, white paper says

Diaplous Maritime Services has produced a White Paper on the issue of the HRA border reduction in the Indian Ocean, which includes a detailed threat analysis on Somali Based Piracy after taking into consideration a number of variables. The official position of Diaplous is that shipping companies should not become complacent in matters of maritime security, in order to prevent a resurgence of piracy and that BMP 5 standards should be followed at all times for Somali Basin & GoA transits.

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Geographic boundaries of ‘High Risk Area’ for piracy in the Indian Ocean reduced

The Round Table of international shipping associations plus the OCIMF representing the global shipping and oil industry have announced that the geographic boundaries of the 'High Risk Area' for piracy in the Indian Ocean have been reduced. The regional UKHO Maritime Security Chart, Q6099 will be updated by Notice to Mariners and a new version will be produced to reflect these changes which will take effect from 1 May 2019.  

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Tanker goes missing off West Africa

Union Maritime released a statement in which it informs that its vessel, MT Barrett, a tanker which was at anchor off Benin, West Africa has not been heard from since late on Tuesday 9th January. The company alerted the local authorities on Wednesday and is now exploring all possible options and efforts as it monitor the situation.

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BIMCO announces revision of BMP4 High Risk Area

New boundaries for the HRA - further practical measures for implementation BIMCO advised that the co-sponsors of BMP 4 have agreed to a revised definition of the High Risk Area. The High Risk Area is now defined as being bounded by:In the Red Sea: Latitude 15oNIn the Gulf of Oman: Latitude 22oNEastern limit: Longitude 065oESouthern limit: Latitude 5oSAmendment to section 2 of BMP 4, accompanying guidance on the revision's impact and further practical measures for implementation in the context of company and shipboard planning as described in sections 6 and 7 of BMP 4.The revisions are effective and will formally apply as of 1 December 2015, in order to give shipping companies and crews time to adapt to them.It is strongly recommended that the revisions are taken into account as soon as possible for voyages through the VRA and HRA for which risk assessments are yet to be conducted, as the changes may have implications for charter party and insurance agreements as well as ship security.The revisions will be provided on industry websites, includingwww.bimco.org, as well as NATO Shipping Centre (www.shipping.nato.int) and MSCHOA (www.mschoa.org).It is not anticipated that there will be a need to publish a fully revised version of ...

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