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MARAD Releases Study on Impacts of Panama Canal Expansion

The expansion is scheduled for completion in 2015 - Posta Panamax vessels will enter US ports The U.S. Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration (MARAD) has released a study on shipping patterns and industry costs that will help the United States prepare for the anticipated impact on its ports, waterways and intermodal freight systems from the Panama Canal expansion. The expansion of the Panama Canal, scheduled for completion in 2015, will give much larger vessels, called "Post Panamax" vessels, greater access to the U.S. ports on the East and Gulf coasts."America's ports keep our economy moving," saidU.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx."This study can serve as a compass to guide our port investments in the Post Panamax world so our nation's ports can accommodate larger vessels and help maintain our global competiveness."The Panama Canal Expansion Study, the first of a two-part study, found the integration of Post-Panamax vessels into U.S. trade lanes will have substantial implications for the nation's shippers, ports and surface freight corridors, particularly along the East Coast, Gulf Coast and inland states located east of the Mississippi River. In addition, more cost-effective service generated by the larger vessels could improve the ability of some U.S. exports, like grain, coal, ...

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Requirements for vessels arriving at Panama Canal

Panama Canal Authority Advisory to Shipping No. A-20-2013 The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) reminds that vessels arriving at Canal waters, whether for docking or transiting the Panama Canal, must comply with vessel requirements as follows:Faximum LengthThe maximum length overall including bulbous bow for commercial or non-commercial vessels acceptable for regular transit is 366 meters. Vessels transiting the Canal for the first time, whether newly-constructed or newly-modified, are subject to inspection and prior review and approval of vessel plans. Vessels not receiving advance approval and/or not in compliance with Canal requirements may experience delays or denial of transitThe maximum length for integrated tug-barge (ITB) combination acceptable for regular transit is 366 meters overall, including the tug. A tug-barge combination must transit together as one unit with the tug supplying propelling power.The maximum aggregate overall length for non-self-propelled vessels acceptable for transit is 305 meters, including accompanying tugs. Accompanying tugs must lock through with the non-self-propelled vessel. One time only transits that exceed these limitations may be permitted on a case-by-case basis with prior approval of the Executive Manager for Transit Operations, and subject to requirements listed in Section 2.k(9), of the OP's Notice to Shipping No. N-1-2013 (Rev 1),"Vessel Requirements."Maximum BeamThe ...

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Launch of Flag Victor: Helping Ship Owners to better source and manage their security requirements

A new, collaborative and secure resource Today sees the launch of Flag Victor, designed to assist ship owners and managers better navigate the selection of audited and reliable security providers.Given the current high threat levels affecting many of the world's major trade routes, many vessel operators are seeking both armed and non-armed guards to protect both vessels and their crews. Flag Victor streamlines this process by providing audited verification of the security providers to standards required by flag states, IMO, insurance, regulatory bodies and internal criteria. This essential step represents a huge saving in time, money and effort to shipping companies and their P&I Clubs. The goal is to increase efficiency in the procurement of maritime security services, ultimately leading to better protection for seafarers and vessels.This innovative platform is based upon a secure online ISO 27001 verified website that increases the transparency and availability of security provision, improves dead/ballast leg functionality and maintains real time information on the capacities and capabilities of PMSCs. The website also offers ship owners the ability to source reputable suppliers for a range of other security needs - ranging from ISPS services to maritime cyber security.The Flag Victor team comprises senior figures in the ...

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