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Bahamas Joins in Signing Declaration Condemning Acts of Violence Against Seafarers

The Washington Declaration The Commonwealth of the Bahamas joined the Republics of Liberia, the Marshall Islands and Panama by signing a Declaration Condemning Acts of Violence Against Seafarers - also known as The Washington Declaration.The event took place during the Women's International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA) at the Connecticut Maritime Association on March 19. Officiated by Oceans Beyond Piracy and Marshall Islands representative, William H. Watson, the signing was also witnessed by other signatory States representatives.The Declaration reiterates the signees' dedication to guarantee better documentation of the violence endured by seafarers. It pulls its inspiration from the Human Cost of Somali Piracy study released in June 2011 by Oceans Beyond Piracy. The study found that thousands of mariners become hostages and are subjected to gunfire, beatings, captivity, and torture. More frequently, pirate hijackings are becoming increasingly violent as well; some even result in the deaths of entire crews.During the signing ceremony, Commodore Davy Rolle, Managing Director & CEO of the Bahamas Maritime Authority made the following remark: "Piracy is a true blight on modern maritime trade. But only some aspects make the headlines. We may read about the "threat to shipping" in quite abstract terms. We may also read ...

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Certificates and Documents issued by the Republic of Liberia

Marine Advisory Note by the Republic of Liberia The Republic of Liberia issues Marine Advisory Note 8-2011 regarding Certificates and Documents issued by the Republic of Liberia as follows:As of October 2, 2006, the Liberian Administration started issuing maritime certificates and documents that are printed with signature and stamp/seal of the Deputy Commissioner, Republic of Liberia. These certificates correspond in form to the models given in SOLAS, MARPOL and other relevant conventions.The Republic of Liberia Letter on Certificates and Documents announcing this procedure was revised on July 29, 2011 and reissued on September 24, 2011.The Letter is included with the certificates issued to newly registered vessels and is also available on our website at the following link:http://www.liscr.com/liscr/Maritime/VesselCertificateVerification/tabid/201/Default.aspxOwners and Operators are requested to ensure their Liberian flagged vessels have on board a copy of the revised July 29, 2011 Letter. Letters dated September 24, 2008 or earlier should be removed and replaced with the new revised.Source: The Republic of Liberia

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Declaration condemning acts of violence against seafarers signed by the world’s top 3 Flag States

Republic of Libera- Republic of the Marshall Islands - Republic of Panama Concerned about the increasing violence faced by seafarers on dangerous transits through the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean, the Maritime Administrations of the world's three largest maritime flag states, representing approximately 40 per cent of the world's registered tonnage, are supporting new reporting procedures to better document the violence faced by seafarers. These three flag states are Liberia, the Marshall Islands and Panama.As documented in the Human Cost of Somali Piracy Report released on June 6, this year by Oceans Beyond Piracy, thousands of seafarers have been subjected to gunfire, beatings, confinement, and in some cases torture; however, the human cost of piracy is still underreported and misunderstood by the public. The study indicates that during the course of 2010: 4185 Seafarers were attacked with firearms and Rocket Propelled Grenades. 342 Survived Incidents in Citadels (ships' reinforced security rooms). 1090 Seafarers were taken hostage. 516 Seafarers were used as human shields.In order to better document the violence faced by seafarers as an instrument of piratical acts, the Maritime Authorities of the Republic of Panama, the Republic of Liberia, and the Republic of the Marshall Islands have ...

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