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Watch: Port of Antwerp inaugurates eco-friendly solar heat project

As part of its commitment to energy transition, the Port of Antwerp inaugurated the first solar concentrator farm in the European process industry. This energy technology generates eco-friendly heat from concentrated sunlight that can be used by industrial companies.

Swedish Armed Forces say no to offshore wind farm project

Swedish energy company Vattenfall, along with its partner Wallenstam, informed that they have cancelled the Taggen offshore wind project in Sweden, as the Swedish Armed Forces said no to the wind farm development. The Swedish Armed Forces rejected not only the new application, but the whole project, as it would be near the Ravlunda shooting range.

New Celtic Sea Alliance launched to promote floating wind

Organizations in Ireland, Wales and Cornwall have joined forces to work together for the development of floating wind energy projects in the Celtic Sea. The Celtic Sea Alliance announced it is working with national, devolved and local governments on the best approach to deliver floating wind projects.

DOE Philippines calls public for comments on energy draft

The Department of Energy of the Republic of the Philippines issued a draft Department Circular entitled ‘Policies to Enhance the Net-Metering Program for Renewable Energy Systems and other Mechanisms to Ensure Energy Security”‘, and now asks from the public to issue their feedback.

Global energy consumption to increase by 50% by 2050

EIA launched its International Energy Outlook 2019 (IEO2019) forecasting that the global energy consumption will increase by about 50% from 2018 to 2050, coming from regions where the consumption of energy is driven by strong economic growth, particularly in non-OECD Asia. 

New project competes with world’s greenest superyachts

Engineers from MAN, Braemar Technical Services along with additional four maritime companies are developing a zero-emissions superyacht, which will consist of an all-of-the-above selection of green technology. The team behind this, look towards a zero emissions upon weight savings. 

Watch: Planning stage for installation of wave energy farm prototype

The planning stage for the installation of a wave energy farm prototype has been reached in the island of Texel in the Netherlands, as part of a research project aiming to make the island more sustainable through wave energy. The Slow Mill wave pilot project which was invented by Erwin Croughs aims to install five or six Slow Mills and potentially create a wave energy farm.

UK’s Labour part recommends public-owned offshore wind farms

UK’s Labour Party published a plan to build 37 new offshore wind farms with the government holding a 51%. Rebecca Long Bailey MP, Labour’s Shadow Business and Energy Secretary, announced the Labour’s plan as part of a British ‘Green Industrial Revolution’ plan.


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