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US DoE funds projects to advance biofuels and biobased products

The US Department of Energy announced up to $3 million in funding for advanced biofuels, bioenergy and biobased products, under its Biomass Research and Development Initiative co-organized with the DoA. Two projects from the University of Tennessee and Northwestern University were selected to receive $1 to $2 million each.

Global gas demand to grow at 1.6% rate through to 2035

In its final editorial of peak oil demand series, Wood Mackenzie looks at the consequences of peak oil demand on gas, noting that it sees an 1.6% growth to 2035. As explained, many oil majors are talking about reshaping their supply portfolio towards gas, in response to concerns about peak oil demand.

Engie sells its LNG business to Total

ENGIE announced the agreement with Total for the sale of its upstream and midstream LNG activities, liquefaction, shipping and international LNG trading. Additionally, Total and Engie will cooperate to promote the use of biogas and renewable hydrogen.

Beware the biomass dust, ABTO says

The Association of Bulk Terminal Operators focused on the current challenges that bulk terminal operators are facing with regards to the transition from coal to biomass. During its inaugural conference in London last week, Professor Mike Bradley warned that the accumulation of biomass dust can increase the fire and explosion risks, particularly as some biomass cargoes are self-heating.

Queensland announces gas exploration program

More than 19,000 square km of Queensland will be released for exploration for gas to power local manufacturing and generate LNG royalties, and to identify new-age minerals needed for the next technology and renewables boom, the Government of Queensland announced.

DNV GL: Gas to become world’s primary energy source by 2035

Oil and gas will be crucial components of the world’s energy future, according to DNV GL’s Energy Outlook. While renewable energy will grow its share of the energy mix, oil and gas will account for 44% of world energy supply in 2050, compared to 53% today. Gas will become the largest single source of energy from 2034.

Research to focus on the use of bio LNG

The Port of Rotterdam Authority and the National LNG Platform will be starting a joint study that focuses on opportunities to develop LNG from renewable sources as a transport fuel, in the port of Rotterdam. Relying on bio LNG rather than regular LNG allows users to drastically reduce CO₂ emission levels.

Neste announces expansion plans

Neste Corporation has signed an agreement with Electrawinds ReFuel B.V. to acquire pre-treatment and storage capacity for renewable raw materials in the Netherlands as part of the company’s growth program.

Preem carries on fossil-free fuel development

As Sweden does not have its own oil or natural gas reserves, it is dependent on imports from other countries. Preem has produced Preem Evolution Diesel, a diesel with a renewable content of up to 50 per cent, which subsequently reduced Sweden’s carbon emissions by more than 680,000 tonnes during 2015.


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