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New tool rates sustainable energy policies in 111 countries

According to a new World Bank report, an increasing number of developing countries – Mexico, China, Turkey, India, Vietnam, Brazil, and South Africa – are emerging as leaders in sustainable energy, with robust policies to support energy access, renewables and energy efficiency.

Study focuses on the use of wind and solar power on ships

In co-operation with several shipping companies and technology partners, EMP has announced that it has begun a detailed study highlighting on the engineering aspects of installing an EnergySail or Aquarius MRE based solution on a variety of ships.

India’s major ports go green

The Indian Ministry of Shipping, as a part of its ‘Green Port Initiative’, has been emphasizing on use of renewable sources of energy to power Major Ports across the nation. When completed, the projects will help in the reduction of carbon dioxide emission by 136,500 MT annually.

France enters green bond market

France has issued its first green bonds with a record seven billion euro sale, becoming the second country to do so, after Poland. This move aims to pave the way for the establishment of a genuine market in renewable energy bonds.

Study examines wind propulsion technologies for ships

The study commissioned by DG Climate Action, identifies both the barriers to the development and uptake of wind propulsion technologies and the possible actions that can contribute to overcome these barriers. It also includes an estimation of the market and emissions savings potential of the wind propulsion technologies, and refers to the economic and social effects.

Neste announces expansion plans

Neste Corporation has signed an agreement with Electrawinds ReFuel B.V. to acquire pre-treatment and storage capacity for renewable raw materials in the Netherlands as part of the company’s growth program.

US to invest in wave energy test facility

The US Energy Department has announced the award of up to $40 million, subject to appropriations, to design, permit, and construct an open-water, grid-connected national wave energy testing facility. The facility will be constructed in Newport, Oregon and will support innovations in wave energy technologies capable of harnessing the significant wave energy resources along US coastlines.

2016: A record year for the clean energy business

2016 has been especially significant for the clean energy industry;the numbers speak for themselves. Planet OS has created an infographic to highlight the renewable energy sector breakthroughs and achievements of 2016.

BV issues guidelines for marine renewable projects

Bureau Veritas has published a set of guidelines addressing a broad spectrum of the needs of marine renewable energy businesses and projects. The new certification scheme covers floating offshore wind turbines, current and tidal turbines, including sea and river turbines, wave energy converters and ocean thermal energy converters.


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