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US DoE funds projects to advance biofuels and biobased products

The US Department of Energy announced up to $3 million in funding for advanced biofuels, bioenergy and biobased products, under its Biomass Research and Development Initiative co-organized with the DoA. Two projects from the University of Tennessee and Northwestern University were selected to receive $1 to $2 million each.

Methanol Institute: Renewable fuels can meet emission reductions objectives

As negotiations for redrafting the Renewable Energy Directive are underway during the trilogue procedure, the Methanol Institute called the negotiating parties to recognise the importance of all sustainable renewable fuels in reducing emissions in transportation. For this reason it urges for ambitious levels of low carbon, and renewable fuels in transport of at least 15% in 2030.

Denmark to build one of the largest offshore wind farms

The Danish government presented one of its main targets that will form a new energy agreement. Namely, Denmark wants to build a 800MW offshore wind farm. The government hopes that the wind farm will increase offshore wind power by one third. Namely, a wind turbine park will be built during 2024-27, which can supply electricity to 800,000 households.

Eco ship project to be expanded

Eco Marine Power widened the Aquarius Eco ShipTM project and invited other companies to join this low-emissions ship design initiative. As part of this plan a wider range of technologies will be studied including fuel cells, air lubrication systems & electrical propulsion. This study was started by Eco Marine Power in May 2011.

BOEM assesses wind offshore potentials in US Atlantic Coast

Under the establishment of a US energy policy, BOEM announced it is conducting a high-level assessment of all waters offshore the US Atlantic Coast for potential future offshore wind lease locations. As part of its commitment to renewable energy and offshore wind, BOEM has awarded to date 13 commercial offshore wind leases.

IEA: Global energy demand, carbon emissions rise in 2017

Global energy demand rose by 2.1% in 2017, more than twice the previous year’s rate, boosted by strong economic growth, with oil, gas and coal meeting most of the increase in demand for energy, and renewables seeing impressive gains, according to IEA. As a result, energy-related carbon emissions increased by 1.4% in 2017, after three years of remaining flat.

Three countries are in the front of renewable energy development

After renewable energy production experienced its uptake in 2016, 165 gigawatts of new capacity are now supplied from clean sources. In this new reality there are three countries which will responsible for two-thirds of global renewable energy expansion to 2022: China, USA, and India.

US to initiate energy saving projects

The US Department of Energy’s High Performance Computing for Materials Program, will try to find industry partners to participate in short-term, collaborative projects for alternatives which will improve energy saving. This funding aims to help address key challenges in developing, modifying, and qualifying new or modified materials that can perform well in extreme environments. 

Renewables to be fastest-growing energy source by 2040

As part of the recently launched BP Energy Outlook 2018 examining the ‘most likely’ path for global energy markets through to 2040, BP’s chief economist Mr. Spencer Dale explores the acceleration of renewables, highlighting that renewables in power are the fastest-growing energy source accounting for over 50% of the increase in power generation.

Scotland eyes hydrogen powered ferry service

The Scottish government has awarded funding for a feasibility study on a hydrogen-powered ferry, manufactured by community-owned wind turbines, to operate in Scotland’s west coast.


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