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Australia eyes hydrogen future to fuel Japan’s needs

In a bid to support the development of an Australian hydrogen industry, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has launched a funding round in late 2017 to accelerate innovation in the creation, transportation and transformation of hydrogen into energy at the point of use. 

EU leaders sign Lisbon declaration to support energy transition

On the sidelines of the Second Energy Interconnections summit on 27 July, European leaders signed the Lisbon Declaration, aiming to strengthen regional cooperation in the framework of the Energy Union and better integrate the Iberian Peninsula into the internal energy market.

US fossil fuel consumption decreased in 2017

The fossil fuel share of total US energy consumption in 2017 was the lowest share since 1902, at a little more than 80%, as US fossil fuel consumption decreased for the third consecutive year, according to EIA. This decline was driven by slight decreases in coal and natural gas consumption.

Gas to grow 22%-24% of global energy mix by 2035

At World Gas Conference in Washington, Snam, IGU and The Boston Consulting Group launched the 2018 edition of the Global Gas Report, assessing the role of natural gas in the global energy mix. The majority of forecasters expect gas to grow from the current 22% to over 24% of the global energy mix by 2035. 

Port of Gothenburg conducts Sweden’s first LBG bunkering

During June 25, the first-ever bunkering of liquefied biogas in Sweden, took place at the Port of Gothenburg. ‘Fure Vinga’ received 40 cubic metres of LBG directly from a road tanker. This LBG bunkering was the second ever globally, and took place without an incident. LBG can be used in vessels that are using LNG.

BP statistics of world energy 2017: Two steps forward, one step back

Global primary energy consumption grew strongly in 2017, led by natural gas and renewables, with coal’s share of the energy mix continuing to decline. The vast majority of the increase came from the developing world, accounting for nearly 80% of the expansion, according to BP’s statistical review of world energy for 2017.

US DoE funds projects to advance biofuels and biobased products

The US Department of Energy announced up to $3 million in funding for advanced biofuels, bioenergy and biobased products, under its Biomass Research and Development Initiative co-organized with the DoA. Two projects from the University of Tennessee and Northwestern University were selected to receive $1 to $2 million each.

Global gas demand to grow at 1.6% rate through to 2035

In its final editorial of peak oil demand series, Wood Mackenzie looks at the consequences of peak oil demand on gas, noting that it sees an 1.6% growth to 2035. As explained, many oil majors are talking about reshaping their supply portfolio towards gas, in response to concerns about peak oil demand.

Engie sells its LNG business to Total

ENGIE announced the agreement with Total for the sale of its upstream and midstream LNG activities, liquefaction, shipping and international LNG trading. Additionally, Total and Engie will cooperate to promote the use of biogas and renewable hydrogen.

Beware the biomass dust, ABTO says

The Association of Bulk Terminal Operators focused on the current challenges that bulk terminal operators are facing with regards to the transition from coal to biomass. During its inaugural conference in London last week, Professor Mike Bradley warned that the accumulation of biomass dust can increase the fire and explosion risks, particularly as some biomass cargoes are self-heating.


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