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Member states, EU agree on amendment related to ship inspection after Brexit

The European Union is adapting legislation to make sure of the legal certainty of vessel operators after Brexit. Member states’ ambassadors meeting in the Council’s Permanent Representatives Committee approved amended rules on the assessment of ship inspection organisations, whose task it is to ensure the safety of ships and prevent marine pollution. The presidency reached a provisional agreement with the European Parliament on 21 January.

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AMSA: Update to certificates of survey and related exemptions

AMSA reminds that from 13 December 2018, all certificates issued for a vessel survey, Exemption 2 - non-survey and Exemption 40-class C restricted, no longer include the name of the certificate holder. These certificates and exemptions allow a vessel to operate commercially in Australia. However, they do not provide proof of title, ownership of a vessel or an operator’s competence to operate a vessel.

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CSA 2020 advises not to single out scrubbers without scientific facts

The Clean Shipping Alliance (CSA) 2020 has called upon the global maritime industry not to single out scrubber wash waters when coastal states and port authorities adopt local regulations to lessen the impact of ship operations on their ports and harbours. Responding to reports that coastal states and ports are implementing rules that 'restrict the discharge of wash waters', CSA highlights that most ports and harbours already have discharge requirements which have been in place for years.

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Watch: New Zealand’s Port of Newcastle joins EcoPorts

Port of Newcastle has become the first port in Australia or New Zealand to commit to meeting global environmental and sustainability standards as set by EcoPorts. The port was this month granted membership of the International EcoPorts network, having completed assessments to benchmark its environmental and sustainability practices against 120 major ports across Europe, Asia, North America and South America.

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Finland to allow remote pilotage

Finland will allow remote pilotage subject to authorisation in public channels and in the Saimaa Canal lease area, that have been marked as routes requiring pilotage. The Pilotage Act will now allow the pilot to perform his/her duties somewhere else than onboard the vessel. Finland proposed on 17 January 2019 that the Pilotage Act be adopted and is now expected to enter into force on 1 February 2019.

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