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Greenpeace sails into new waters

Rainbow Warrior III Greenpeace, the environmental campaign group, launched a new ship that it hopes will play a big role in its future campaigns.The Rainbow Warrior III carries the name of another vessel that was bombed and sunk by the French secret service in 1985 after it attempted to disrupt France's nuclear-testing in the South Pacific.Built to rigorous specifications for safety and environmental friendliness, the new vessel is almost 60m long, can hit 14 knots using sailpower, makes its own water, and can stay at sea for months.

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Greenpeace s Rainbow Warrior ship arrives in London

One of the world's most environmentally friendly ships One of the world's most environmentally friendly ships arrived in London. Sailing up the Thames, Rainbow Warrior III has moored at West India Dock after her maiden voyage from Amsterdam.The 838-tonne, 60-metre ship with a sail capacity of over 1,200 sq meters, is the most technically advanced boat in its class and is the most environmentally efficient ship for her size. Hanna Gersmann went to meet some of the crew

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GL supports ”Rainbow Warrior”on’ its new mission in Bangladesh

Rainbow Warrior II will be refitted as a hospital ship Germanischer Lloyd (GL) is supporting "Rainbow Warrior II" to perform its philanthropic mission in Bangladesh after the vessel was transferred as a medical ship from the Greenpeace International to a Bangladesh-based NGO Friendship. GL has recently signed an agreement with Friendship to offer free-of-charge classification services for a period of five years.After servicing Greenpeace for 22 years, "Rainbow Warrior II" will be refitted as a hospital ship renamed Rongdhonu, Bengali for Rainbow, and assigned to deliver primary and secondary medical assistance to communities along the coast of Bangladesh and the Bay of Bengal that are hardly accessible to basic health care facilities. The vessel will also serve as an emergency medical ship to relieve some areas in the region from the effects of climate change."We're proud of our involvement in this unique project to help thousands of Bangladeshi citizens most in need of medical services," said Mr. Lukasz Luwanski, Area Manager South Asia / Oceania, GL. "This is also part of our commitment to the South Asian country as a good corporate citizen. While assisting with the development of its shipbuilding industry, GL would also contribute to improving the welfare ...

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