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USCG issues Annual Report on PSC for 2014

Vessel arrivals and examinations decreased, detentions IncreasedThe US Coast Guard has published its 2014 Annual Report on Port State Control.The report provides key statistics related to enforcement of international requirements with regard to foreign flag vessels calling in US ports. Vessel Arrivals, Examinations, Detentions IncreasedIn 2014:a total of 9,227 individual vessels, from 83 different Flag Administrations, made 79,091 port calls to the United States.The Coast Guard conducted 9,232 SOLAS safety exams and 8,562 ISPS exams on these vessels.The total number of ships detained in 2014 for environmental protection and safety related deficiencies increased from 121 to 143.The total number of ships detained in 2014 for security related deficiencies increased slightly from 8 to 10.Flag Administration Safety PerformanceFlag Administration safety performance for 2014 decreased from the previous year, with the overall annual detention rate increasing from 1.29% to 1.55%. In addition, the three-year rolling detention ratio increased slightly from 1.11% to 1.31%. The Flag Administrations of New Zealand, Peru, and the Philippines were all removed from USCG's Targeted Flag List.USCG also notes that vessels from the Flag Administrations of Curacao, Anguilla, Kiribati, and Malaysia are potentially qualified for USCG's QUALSHIP 21 Program and their vessels will be entered into the program, contingent ...

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AMSA: Trends on PSC for 2014

3742 PSC inspections, 269 ship detentions AMSA has released its Annual Report on Port State Control for 2014. By drawing comparisons based on 10 years of Australian PSC data the outcome may be considered, at first view, to be disappointing with the apparent stabilisation of annual PSC deficiency and detention rates over the last 5 years.While there have been modest improvements experienced across a number of areas, the overall picture indicates that the international community's PSC/ FSC efforts are not delivering lasting results. The principal causes of detention remain consistently related to International Safety Management (ISM), fire safety, lifesaving appliances and pollution prevention.It seems difficult to reconcile how well established requirements for fire safety, lifesaving appliances and pollution prevention continue to be such significant issues.10- year summary of inspection, detentions and deficiency rateTop 5 detainable deficiencies 2012-2014Part of the cause for this situation is the increasing focus by Australia on human factors, including operational control, ISM and the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006).The marginal increase in the deficiency and detention rates can be attributed to MLC, 2006 to a large degree. The fact that there was no significant spike in detentions or deficiency rates is encouraging given 2014 was ...

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AMSA issues 2014 Annual Report on PSC

3742 PSC inspections, 269 ship detentions AMSA has released its Annual Report on Port State Control for 2014, a year which marked the introduction of a significant step-change in Australia's response to ships and operators who perform poorly on a consistent basis. In November and December 2014 AMSA used the directions power provided in section 246 of the Navigation Act 2012 to ban 2 ships from entering or using Australian ports for a period of 3 months.In exercising this power it is important to note that AMSA only employs this mechanism where normal PSC intervention has not been effective in achieving a lasting change in behaviour. It is only used where a systemic failure has been identified. The essential intent of the process is to improve performance rather than simply remove problem vessels from Australian ports .2014 at a glanceDuring the calendar year there were:- 26,936 ship arrivals by 5674 foreign-flagged ships- 3742 PSC inspections- 269 ship detentionsbulk carriers accounted for 49% of ship arrivals and 57% of PSC inspectionsPSC inspections were carried out in 54 Australian portsaverage gross tonnage per visit was 46,670 tonnes10- year summary of inspection, detentions and deficiency rateReport SummaryShipping activity continued to grow fairly strongly ...

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