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Case Study: Fire onboard cargo ship

The following real-life incident can be used as case study to help crew members understand how to properly handle similar occasions and take the appropriate knowledge from an incident of fire on board cargo vessel.

Emergency Procedures: The case of ship flooding

During a vessel’s voyage at sea, there are many dangers which may affect hers and personnel’s safety. One of these hazards, which may rapidly lead -at the worst case scenario- for vessel and human life loss, is ship flooding.

Kalmar: Zero accidents is 'mission possible' ahead automation

Ahead of the automation that takes place within the shipping industry, Finnish port equipment manufacturer Kalmar stresses that “a zero accident port is definitely a mission possible”, suggesting that machines detect their surroundings and notice things that human eyes and ears might not, thus helping humans to prevent accidents. 

India takes steps to prevent maritime piracy incidents

Gulf of Aden (East Coast of Africa), Malacca Strait and West Coast of Africa are shipping routes which suffer incidents of pirate attacks. The Indian Ministry of shipping has released the number of Indian crew hijacked by pirates during the last three years and the current year along with the number of crew.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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