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LNG port filling station a step closer

The plan for making liquefied gas (LNG) available at Port of Rotterdam The plan for making liquefied gas (LNG) available as fuel for shipping in the Netherlands has come another step closer. According to Hans Smits, CEO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, an agreement with ECT will make land available for a 'filling station' between the Gate (LNG) and Euromax (containers) terminals. ECT and the Port Authority are still to work out the last details and sign the agreement.Smits revealed this at a meeting at which ten companies, including Vopak, Shell and the Port of Rotterdam Authority, signed a 'Green Deal' with Minister Maxime Verhagen (Economic Affairs). At the end of last year, Vopak and Gasunie already opened the large GATE LNG terminal on the Maasvlakte, but the liquefied gas delivered by the supertankers is destined mainly for power stations. Vopak wants to build a smaller outbound terminal next to Gate so the LNG can also be supplied as fuel for ships.This terminal is also intended to provide liquefied gas to other LNG stations yet to be built in the country. This investment involves an amount of 40 million and the terminal must be ready by the end of ...

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Port of Rotterdam Authority Gets EUR 250 Mln Loan from EIB

'We spend more money than we get in' It is scarcely a year ago that Paul Smits left telecommunications company KPN to become Chief Financial Officer at the Port of Rotterdam Authority. Last week, he put his signature to a 250 million credit facility from the European Investment Bank (EIB).How are you finding things in Rotterdam?Fantastic. In no other job have I had so much contact with the other people involved, from the business sector right up to the government. The nice thing is that, generally speaking, we have a positive image. That's something we must cherish and something in which we invest a lot.What is the Port Authority's rating, in financial terms?We don't have one because we don't issue bonds. If we did, we'd currently have a single A rating.Why not higher?Due to our massive level of investment. At the moment, we spend more money than we get in; our cash flow is negative. Sounds worrying, but it isn't. It involves ratios like the development of the relationship between our debt position and the long-term profit forecast and solvency. They are very sound.Why do you prefer to borrow from the EIB?Because financing long-term infrastructure projects is their core activity. ...

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Port of Rotterdam Inks Agreement to Develop New Port in Brazil

Development of Porto Central, a new port in Brazil The Port of Rotterdam Authority, the state of Espirito Santo, the municipality of Presidente Kennedy and project developer Terminal Presidente Kennedy (TPK) signed an agreement in Vitória, Brazil for the development of Porto Central, a new port in Brazil.The so-called 'greenfield port' still has to be built and will be located in the extreme south of Espirito Santo state, to the north of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. It will be an industrial port on deep sea water for handling oil, gas, offshore services, dry bulk and general cargoThe intention is that the first ship will sail into the new port in a few years' time.2012 and 2013 will be used for approaching the market and obtaining the necessary permits. In the first phase, a start will be made on the construction of a 1,000-hectare industrial port.Joint ventureFor the development of Porto Central, the Port Authority is entering into a cooperation agreement with TPK, a group of Brazilian business people with experience in the mining and offshore industries. The Port Authority's main contribution will be its expertise and knowledge in the field of port management. This cooperation agreement will be ...

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Port of Rotterdam more accessible

Expansion of the Maasgeul to prevent waiting times for ships entering the port The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment is expanding the Maasgeul to prevent waiting times for ships entering the port of Rotterdam. This navigation channel to the North Sea is the access route for sea-going ships that have a draft of more than 14.3 metres. More and more of these ships come to Rotterdam because of the increase in scale and because the load factor of sea-going ships continues to grow.The Maasgeul is 6 miles long and currently 500 to 600 metres wide. It is being widened by another 240 metres so that by the summer of 2012, large sea-going ships will be able to pass each other.Harbour master René de Vries announced this during the presentation of the nautical annual figures for 2011. The lower number of ships - 33,681 sea-going ships compared with 34,404 in 2010 - with an increase in throughput (from 430 to 435 million tonnes) points to that increase in scale and more heavily laden container ships.The harbour master also explained that last year's bad weather - there was significantly more wind and storm than in 2010 - had an adverse effect ...

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