Port of Rotterdam

PortXchange reduces idle times on departure

Port of Rotterdam conducted a trial with the digital information platform PortXchange, previously known as Pronto, and revealed a significant reduction in the average idle time on departure of Maersk vessels.

Port of Rotterdam trials app providing advice on berths

The Port of Rotterdam Authority will trial a digital service providing application-based advice on public berths for inland shipping, enabling those that will use the system to digitally plan their route for inland navigation.

Watch: Rotterdam’s app tracks containers

The Port of Rotterdam launched an application that enables shippers and freight forwarders to locate their containers at any given time and is a more user-friendly way of collecting information from all kinds of sources. 

Intermodal route planner application operational in two continents

Port of Rotterdam’s application ‘Navigate’ is now operational in the ports of Gdansk and SOHAR. Now, importers and exporters are able to select the ideal transport options for containers they want to ship. The application also contains an online information guide for the ports. 

Blockchain is taking shape in Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam announced that the first blockchain applications have begun shaping. BlockLab, in a joint collaboration with the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Municipality of Rotterdam, is the leader of these applications. The teams focus on two domains: Energy and Logistics.

Watch: OnTrack provides real-time insight into rail freight flows

In order to make rail transport to the hinterland even more efficient, the Port of Rotterdam Authority developed a new application called ‘OnTrack’. This device offers real-time insight into rail freight flows within the Port of Rotterdam and the handling thereof at the terminals. OnTrack meets the needs of the terminals and carriers.

Pronto reduces bunker delays for container ships

The online communication platform ‘Pronto’ enables optimisation of port calls in the Port of Rotterdam by visualising the scheduling of all involved parties real-time in one environment. Countless activities take place within the tight windows for loading and unloading of container ships at the terminals, including bunkering.

Watch: Port of Rotterdam presents Internet of Logistics

Port of Rotterdam presents the theory of Internet Logistics, called ‘The Dutch Twist’. It is a joint initiative of Douane and partners of Neutral Logistic Information Platform, NLIP. The Netherlands lead the way when it comes to logistical expertise and digital developments. Internet of Logistics enables users to be less focus on the physical documentation, and more on the exchange of data, as well as avoid mistakes.

Port Insight enables users to follow barges online

Port Insight that started on November 20, is a collaboration between Port of Rotterdam Authority and TWTG, that focuses in the development of I-IoT solutions. Port Insight is developing the new service with which barges can be tracked across a large part of Europe. The service will be operational for the first clients in early 2019. 

Port of Rotterdam launches IoT platform

Port of Rotterdam Authority launched an Internet of Things (IoT) platform. It’s the first application for hydro/meteo that has been put into operation. The system uses an extensive network of sensors to provide accurate and up-to-date water (hydro) and weather (meteo) data particularly for the planning and management of shipping. The port aims to make its operations safer and more efficient. 

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