Port of Rotterdam

Porthos to annually store 2.5 million tonnes of CO2

Porthos, the initiative for carbon capture and storage in Rotterdam, is expected to store an annual amount of 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 from the industry in empty gas fields beneath the North Sea as from 2024.

Rotterdam cuts its emissions by 3.8% in 2019

Port of Rotterdam recently informed that its industrial sector managed to drop emissions for the third year in a row. Specifically, Rotterdam’s industry cut the carbon emissions by 3.8% during 2019.

Port of Rotterdam welcomes European Green Deal

The port of Rotterdam welcomed the European Green Deal which was presented in December 2019, commenting that it will boost Europe’s plans to tackle climate change and achieve its environmental goals. However, the authority seems sceptical of the Deal, commenting that “several of the measures stated in the Green Deal appear logical, but the detailing of these plans is still unclear.”

Rotterdam begins shore power trials for its coasters

Several days ago, the Municipality of Rotterdam along with the Port of Rotterdam have began shore power trials, in order to supply small sea-going ships with electricity in the center of Rotterdam, on Parkkade. Specifically, the trials will last about five months and for this period five different systems will be tested as well.   

Rotterdam offers caustic soda for STS operations

The Port of Rotterdam is the first port globally to provide caustic soda to those switching to scrubbers, so that they’re able to wash the exhaust gases in the closed loop system, in light of the upcoming 2020 sulphur cap.

Air quality sensor to monitor sulphur emissions in Port of Rotterdam

Recently, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management installed an air quality sensor on Splitsingsdam at the Port of Rotterdam’s Maas Entrance; this is one of the additional measures of the ILT in order to monitor sulphur dioxide emissions from shipping.

Carbon Capture and Storage project Porthos a step closer

The project organisation Porthos has signed an agreement with four companies to work in parallel over the coming nine months on preparations for the capture, transport and storage of CO₂, in line with the Netherlands’ goals to significantly reduce GHG emissions. 

Rotterdam considers e-trucks for container transport

In attempts of a more sustainable environment, the port of Rotterdam Authority along with Transport en Logistiek Nederland (TLN) have begun an exploratory study to get a better insight into turning the container transport by road more sustainable in the port area.

Rotterdam’s three steps towards CO2-neutrality

The Port of Rotterdam is gradually becoming CO₂ neutral. The Port Authority published a series of videos presenting its steps towards a circular economy in 2050, resulting to the CO2 release and waste from industries and consumers being the raw material for new products. 

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