Port of Rotterdam

Rotterdam considers e-trucks for container transport

In attempts of a more sustainable environment, the port of Rotterdam Authority along with Transport en Logistiek Nederland (TLN) have begun an exploratory study to get a better insight into turning the container transport by road more sustainable in the port area.

Van Oord launches first LNG-fueled vessel

Dutch-based dredging company Van Oord has launched its first LNG-powered crane vessel, ‘Werkendam’, in the Waalhaven in Rotterdam, marking “the start of a new generation of dredging vessels”, that will focus on energy efficiency as a priority in the company’s sustainability agenda.

Port of Rotterdam launches new hybrid patrol vessel

Last week, the Port of Rotterdam Authority put a new hybrid patrol vessel into operation. This is the RPA 8, a 25 metres vessel that can run on both diesel and diesel-electric. The vessel causes less vessel wake and is much more efficient than other Port Authority vessels.

First class-approved 3D printed ship propeller unveiled

The world’s first class approved 3D printed ship’s propeller, resulting from collaboration between RAMLAB, Promarin, Autodesk, Bureau Veritas and Damen, has been unveiled at Damen Shipyard Group’s headquarters in the Netherlands.

Hybrid ship propeller revealed

The Port of Rotterdam’s Additive Manufacturing Fieldlab (RAMLAB) and Autodesk have created a ship propeller made using a hybrid manufacturing process, combining wire and arc additive manufacturing, using industrial robotic arms and subtractive machining and grinding techniques.

New hybrid inspection vessel order for Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam Authority has ordered a new inspection vessel, the RPA 8 which is equipped with hybrid propulsion. The main points of attention in the tender were the total costs over the entire life cycle of the ship, the reduction of emissions and the reduction of waves caused by the ship.

Innovative hull-cleaning launched at Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam is the latest to allow the GAC EnvironHull’s eco-friendly hull cleaning system to operate in its waters. The launch of HullWiper at Rotterdam, widely acknowledged as a pioneer in innovation and shipping technology, was marked by a panel discussion, webinar and live demonstration.

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