Port of Rotterdam

Watch: Partners test robots for quays’ inspection

The port authority of Rotterdam and North Sea Port conducted tests using an underwater robot that will be used to inspect quays, given that inspections are still being conducted by divers; The partners aim to replace the divers with robots for safety reasons.

Port of Rotterdam realizes major safety exercise

The Port of Rotterdam held a major crisis exercise on the Nieuwe Maas river, near the Willemskade, where Emergency services, the Harbor Master Division and other authorities copied a scenario of a collision between a chemical tanker and a party ship.

Port of Rotterdam secures cargo despite heavy winds

Because of the windy conditions in Rotterdam, the majority of depots use Windbreakers, a cat-iron coupling, developed by Windbreaker International, that connects the corners of the containers, enabling them to be protected and not vulnerable to wind.

Port of Rotterdam: Stricter rules to prevent sea accidents

Port of Rotterdam announced that through out 2018 29,475 sea-going vessels arrived. That is 200 less in comparison to 2017 and equal to 2013’s numbers. Also, the number of accidents decreased from 129 to 118, on approximately a million shipping movements,maritime and inland shipping.  Although the number of accidents decreased, rules have to be updated.

Port of Rotterdam: Five new safe berths for barges are ‘good to go’

The Port of Rotterdam announced that the five new fixed berths for barges along the Maas end of Isle of Brienenoord are ‘good to go’. While the site had already served as an anchorage for barges for several years, the construction of new berths has significantly improved safety along this stretch of the river.

Falck training centre to open at Rotterdam Port

The Port of Rotterdam Authority has announced that Falck is due to open a new training centre on the Maasvlakte in 2018. It will become an international, high-profile safety-knowledge centre for public and industrial fire brigades, the offshore, maritime sector and wind industry.

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