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Port of Oakland refrigerated exports increase 20% in past year

The US Port of Oakland announced it saw a 20% increase in its refrigerated export volume in the past year, handling 119,756 TEUs of refrigerated exports from August 2018 through July 2019, which was up from 99,740 in the same period a year ago.

Two more electric big rigs to operate at Port of Oakland

The Californian Port of Oakland is to acquire another two electric big rigs by October 2019, as GSC Logistics wishes to discover if zero-emission tractors can haul cargo containers over highways. The company said it is acquiring two 13-ton electric trucks with assistance from state grants.

Port of Oakland to deliver key project in 2020

Port of Oakland Commissioners have approved the final permit regarding one of the most anticipated industrial developments in Port history. Namely, they voted last week to approve a vertical permit – industrial vernacular for a building construction permit – at a long-awaited Seaport Logistics Complex.

Port of Oakland exports increase by 4.2% in June

The containerized export volume in the port of Oakland rose by 4.2% in June 2019, in comparison to June 2018. The port reported that it managed the equivalent of 74,901 20-foot loaded export containers last month, compared to 71,894 in June 2018.

Oakland port sees big drop in GHG emissions with hybrid yard cranes

According to SSA’s Oakland International Container Terminal announced, on July 2, that its $6 million conversion to hybrid yard cranes would cut GHG emissions by 96%. Specifically, the marine terminal, which handles 61% of Oakland’s cargo, now converts 13 massive cargo handlers, also known as rubber tired gantry cranes, from diesel to battery-powered hybrid engines. 

Port of Oakland’s agricultural exports see 12% increase, despite tariffs

Port of Oakland reported that its containerized agricultural exports are boosting, despite the trade war. The farm good shipments in the first four months of 2019 saw a 12% increase from the previous year. According to the port, the majority of its shipments are sent to Asia, despite US’s tariffs.

Port of Oakland’s agricultural exports increase despite tariffs

Containerized agricultural exports are increasing again despite an ongoing trade war, the Port of Oakland informed. In fact, the Port noted that farm good shipments in the first four months of 2019 reported a growth of 12% over the past year. Agricultural exports to China rose by 5%, in spite its tariff standoff with the US.

Port of Oakland receives funds for seaport technology program

The Alameda County Transportation Commission received $12.45 million from the California Transportation Commission to apply the Freight Intelligent Transportation System program at the Port of Oakland. FITS consists of 15 freight technology demonstration projects, aiming to address traffic management, security systems and roadway improvements at the Oakland seaport. The funding comes from California Senate Bill 1 funds.


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