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Port of Newcastle responds to MUA’s protest

Following yesterday's news that Wharfies at port of Newcastle are to protest against the new crane, the port released a statement, responding to the Maritime Union of Australia. The workers are against the new crane, supporting that the project will bring additional personnel and thus put at risk the work and available hours for existing stevedoring workers and corporations.

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Port of Newcastle’s coal exports increase 5% in Q1

Port of Newcastle's coal exports increased 5% during the first quarter of 2019, reaching 27.3m tonnes. Namely, March volumes rose 0.5m tonnes year on year to 9.1m tonnes, in spite of worries about customs delays that could affect exports to China. In comparison to February, March volumes were up by 0.2m tonnes. What is more, the number of ships awaiting to take delivery from the port reduced to five.

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Port of Newcastle welcomes its largest ever fuel tanker

The largest fuel tanker to enter Port of Newcastle in 220 years of commercial operations arrived on March 18. The 244-metre Pro Alliance long range 2 class tanker berthed at Stolthaven's Mayfield 7 dedicated bulk liquids terminal, which is a purpose-built facility serving vessels of that size. This new milestone comes after the arrival of the port's first long range 1 tanker in early January.

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