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Port of Los Angeles prepares a Draft Environmental Impact Report

Marine Research Center Project The Port of Los Angeles has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the City Dock No. 1 Marine Research Center Project, which plans to offer a unique and ideally located site for use as a multi-faceted marine research facility.The proposed project site is located at Berths 56-60 and Berths 70-71, on the south end of the Port's Main Channel, in a prime location of the San Pedro section of the L.A. Waterfront. Berths 57-60 were formerly used for warehouse operations, and Berths 70-71 is the previous site of the Westway liquid bulk tank farm.For more information, click here.Source: The Port of Los Angeles

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Port of Los Angeles in line for major investment

City Mayor unveils plan for infrastructure improvements designed to double exports by 2015 Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has unveiled the city's Regional Export Plan, which has ambitions to double exports by 2015. To support the initiative, over the next five years the city will make major investments in the port of Los Angeles - US$1.5 billion to provide superior shipping and logistics infrastructure and attract first-class business tenants.Phillip Sanfield, Director of Media Relations for Port of LA, said: "Several container terminal expansion projects make up a significant part of the investment. Those improvements will lead to more cargo growth, both in exports and imports."In addition, $370 million will go to the channel deepening project, to provide 16-metre depth at the port's containership berths.Sanfield said: "Several years ago, the port of Los Angeles launched TradeConnect, our own programme to help small and mid-sized businesses learn the basics of exporting."We're very pleased that this effort will be expanded significantly across the region and co-ordinate our efforts with other agencies, public and private, that can assist companies in growing exports."The port of Los Angeles saw record exports in both 2010 and 2011, and we hope to see the trend continue," he added.The ...

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Suspicious cargo container disrupts traffic at LA port

After a shipping container with the word "bomb" painted on the outside, was discovered Cargo traffic at the Port of Los Angeles was disrupted last week, after longshoremen discovered a shipping container with the word "bomb" painted on the outside, a spokesman for the facility said.Dock workers at the nation's busiest container port reported coming across the suspicious cargo bin as it was being unloaded from a ship on Wednesday afternoon, port spokesman Phillip Sanfield said.Roughly 10 percent of the port was forced to close as the area was cordoned off and a Los Angeles Police Department bomb squad, bomb-sniffing dogs and other agencies arrived to investigate the container, Sanfield said.The loading and unloading of two vessels was temporarily halted at one of the port's eight container terminals, and the crew of the ship that had carried the spray-painted cargo bin was evacuated as a precaution, he added.Shortly after 9 p.m. local time, authorities at the scene reported that no suspicious material was found inside the container, Sanfield said in an email message."We see all sorts of cargo that's inspected and odd things," Sanfield said, but "it's unusual to have that sort of graffiti on a container at the port." ...

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