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Long Beach receives budget for green programs

  The Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners has approved an $829 million budget for the Harbor Department’s next fiscal year, including more than a half a billion dollars for capital improvements at the Port of Long Beach. The budget, which will be presented to the Long Beach City Council for its consideration, designates $555 million for capital investments including the Port’s major terminal redevelopment and bridge replacement projects. For the fiscal year starting Oct. 1, 2015, the budget anticipates a 6.1 percent increase in operating revenue over the current fiscal year’s income. The Harbor Department generates revenue from goods movement through the Port of Long Beach, and receives no taxpayer revenue to operate. Also, the newly approved budget includes the anticipated transfer of $17.74 million to the City of Long Beach’s Tidelands Operating Fund, which is used for beachfront improvements in Long Beach. The Harbor Department’s spending plan focuses on strengthening the Port’s competitiveness in order to attract more business, furthering its role as an environmental steward and continuing to improve safety and security. “Our goal is to build upon the success of the Port of Long Beach by attracting new trade, and with that, new jobs, to Long ...

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LA/LB amendment on Port Infrastructure approved

Under its expedited agreement review procedures, the Federal Maritime Commission has concluded its review of a proposed amendment to the Los Angeles and Long Beach Port Infrastructure and Environmental Programs Cooperative Working Agreement, FMC Agreement No. 201219-001. The Commission's unanimous decision grants the parties request for expedited review and permits the amendment to become effective on Friday, February 27, 2015. Operating since March 2013, the agreement allows, among other things, the ports to discuss and agree on projects and programs that address transportation infrastructure needs and reduce pollution caused by port-related activities. The proposed amendment clarifies the purpose of the agreement to more accurately reflect the current goals of the Ports, and to allow for the discussion of projects and programs with multiple stakeholders in and around the port complex. Addressing port congestion will be a particular focus, including establishing initiatives to increase terminal productivity, facilitate chassis availability and usage, and improve drayage truck turn times. The Commission’s decision is based on a determination that the agreement is not likely at this time, by a reduction in competition, to produce an unreasonable increase in transportation cost or an unreasonable reduction in transportation service under section 6(g) of the Shipping Act. Chairman ...

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Port of Long Beach celebrates 10 years Green Policy

Port of Long Beach marks 10th anniversary of landmark environmental policy. From the outset, the Green Port Policy represented a permanent commitment to operating a cleaner Port into the future. To date, the Port has backed that commitment with an investment estimated at more than $500 million. The total includes an estimated $18 million awarded to schools, day care and senior centers, health organizations and others for air quality improvement, renewable energy and energy efficiency projects through the Port’s Community Mitigation Grant Programs. Along the way, the Port’s pioneering programs have earned numerous awards from governmental, educational, trade and environmental organizations. The Port continues to advance programs – many with overlapping benefits – under the Green Port Policy. Current activity in each target area includes: Air: This year, the Port will release its tenth consecutive Emissions Inventory reporting progress made since 2005. View previous Emissions Inventories here. The results will reflect the impact of the first full year of the state’s shore power requirements for container, refrigerated cargo and cruise vessels to plug into shore-side electricity at berth. To date, Port strategies have dramatically slashed harmful emissions that also contribute to the formation of smog. Diesel particulate matter is down 82 ...

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Port of Long Beach approves incentive for pollution-control testing

The Board of Long Beach Harbor Commissioners has approved a new incentive program to reward shipping lines for taking part in testing of new air pollution-control technology for vessels. The first to benefit from the new incentive will be vessel operators that are participating in the Port of Long Beach demonstration of a barge-mounted emissions-capture system for ships at berth. By waiving the parking or “dockage” fee, the new incentive program is designed to encourage vessel operators to participate in the testing of this barge-mounted system and other similar technology. An estimated 40 vessel calls each year will be eligible for this incentive over the next two years. In addition to the incentive, the Port’s Technology Advancement Program provides funding for inventors to test their clean-air technology. “This incentive will allow more ships to participate in these important demonstration projects, so we are very happy to offer it. As the Green Port, the Port of Long Beach is committed to being a leader in air pollution reduction and elimination. We’ve made great strides in that area, but we’re far from finished,” said Harbor Commission President Doug Drummond. Shore power, which reduces air pollution by allowing docked ships to shut down ...

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