Port of Hamburg

Elbe deepening project in Port of Hamburg begins

DEME Group announced that they began the dredging works for the deepening of Elbe river, aiming to enable larger vessels visit the port of Hamburg. The project commenced with the arrival of trailing suction hopper dredger Scheldt River. 

Port of Hamburg and partners successfully test 5G

Following the 5G trials that were conducted in Port of Hamburg, the Port of Hamburg Authority along with Deutsche Telekom and Nokia have tested new features of the 5G standard with different applications. Telekom commented that Under 5G, there will no longer be “one size fits all network” but multiple virtual networks running simultaneously on the same common infrastructure. 

Port of Hamburg sees 7.7% growth in cargo movement by rail

The port of Hamburg handles more than 135 million tonnes of seaborne cargo; A big portion of this freight is arriving or departing the port by rail. The rail is in pole position in Hamburg with 48.2%, with the 41.4% of trucking following and inland waterway shipping holding the 10.2%.

Ports should prepare for autonomous transportation

The Hamburg Port Authority along with IAPH launched a study focusing on the impact the autonomous vehicles have on port infrastructure requirements. The study presents what needs to be done in the sectors of road, rail, waterborne, and aerial transportation, so that the port industry adapts automation. The study also provides recommendations on steps to be taken for port authorities being prepared for the technological progress.

Inland waterway transport project EMMA to be extended

The EMMA project that focuses on improving the inland waterway transport (IWT), received the approval for its Extension application, by the Baltic Sea Region Program. EMMA Extension builds on the EMMA projects’ analyses, results and recommendations.

Port of Hamburg sees strong Q1 growth for 2019

Port of Hamburg announced its financial results for Q1 of 2019, noting that it is experiencing an increase, with seaborne cargo throughput increased by 6%, general cargo throughput risen by 5.4% and bulk cargo up by 7.5%. Also, 12 liner services now link the port with 29 ports in the US, Mexico and Canada.

HVCC to improve its inland waterway shipping at Port of Hamburg

Port of Hamburg’s Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center (HVCC) is developing a digital platform for inland waterway vessels, to allow ship calls to be coordinated centrally in the future. The concept will be presented in 8 May, along with the celebrations for the 10th anniversary of the HVCC. 

Port of Hamburg interested in development of Northern Sea Route

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Rosatom group and the Port of Hamburg Marketing, to strengthen and develop cooperation between the ports along the Northern Sea Route and the ports in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. The two parties agreed to advance their exchange of information and experience, as well as joint design and implementation of international cooperation projects.

HHLA transmits cargo through the night, avoids congestion

CTD Container-Transport-Dienst, a subsidiary of terminal operator Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA), is alleviating traffic in areas surrounding the Port of Hamburg by conducting more journeys at night. For containers which are being moved between depots and container terminals around Hamburg, the short distances involved often mean transport conducted by trucks.

DEME wins Elbe deepening contract

A deepening contract for the Elbe fairway in Germany has been awarded to Belgian dredging, environmental and marine engineering group, DEME. The project includes the widening and deepening of the 116 km long fairway between Cuxhaven and Hamburg to a level of -14.5 meters.


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