Port of Hamburg

EU-Singapore trade agreement benefits port of Hamburg

The Port of Hamburg’s second strongest partner country for seaborne container handling is Singapore, following China as the first; Singapore trade with the port reached the 380,000 TEUs of containers transported between the two ports. 

Underwater storage areas for Elbe’s deepening

The Port of Hamburg recently announced that in the course of the Elbe’s river dredging, construction stones were successfully build into the “Medemrinne” and “Neufelder Sand”. Specifically from March until October 2019, 1.200.000 tons were build in the above mentioned underwater deposit areas (UDAs).

Port of Hamburg marks 6.9% growth in container volume

The Port of Hamburg handled 7 million TEUs on container services since the begging of the year, marking a 6.9% increase in its volume. As the German port announced, a big part of its growth was down to the four new transatlantic services and four new Baltic feeder services.

Port of Hamburg’s deepening project goes as planned

Port of Hamburg is continuing its dredging projects by plan, as a second hopper dredger named Bonny River has been conducting dredging operations on the federal stretch and taking the spoil to the UWA – underwater dredged material disposal site at Medemrinne, from October.

Port of Hamburg to accommodate mega boxships with new cranes

Terminal operator of Port Hamburg acquired three new container gantry cranes in the Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB), boosting its existent capacity to be able to accommodate mega boxships, with a cargo volume surpassing the 23,000 TEUs.

Hamburg expands its shore power facilities for cruise and container ships

The State Government of Hamburg has given the green light to the port of Hamburg, through a €76m expansion of shore power supply, that will help the port improve its emissions and air quality, by offering shore power to cruise liners and mega-containerships from 2022. The shore-based power units is planned to be completed in 2022, with regular operation from 2023.

Port of Hamburg uses floating cranes on expansion project

The Port of Hamburg informs that Finkenwerder is currently expanding the waiting point for larger vessels, enabling two ships in the future that are 400 and 450 metres long to be moored at the same time. The floating cranes project is one of the largest projects the past few years, measures in working days and revenue, as the Port comments.

Port of Hamburg the European hub for China trades

China is the Port of Hamburg’s largest trading partner, with the Port being China’s Gateway to Europe for Chinese products, and at the same time as the German export trade’s gateway to the Far East. In 2018, the Port of Hamburg handled around 2.6 million TEU or standard containers for the China Trade.

Port of Riga working on 5G solution tests

The Port of Riga in Latvia announced it is working on 5G solution tests with LMT – a drone with artificial intelligence to determine pollution. The project uses a nascent drone traffic management platform being developed by LMT and Lufthansa Systems.

Watch: Port of Hamburg uses ASVs for hydrography

The Port of Hamburg is currently testing the use of Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV), which can offer a number of advantages for hydrography. ASVs support the conventional sounding work of surveying vessels and can reach areas difficult to access.


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