Port of Hamburg

Port of Hamburg makes 5G available to Helsinki’s West Harbour

Port of Helsinki and Elisa signed a letter of intent to make 5G technology available to ship passengers in Helsinki’s West Harbour. The partners aim to provide a commercial 5G network in the interior facilities of West Terminal 2 and the outdoor areas of West Harbour during autumn 2019.

Port of Hamburg and partners successfully test 5G

Following the 5G trials that were conducted in Port of Hamburg, the Port of Hamburg Authority along with Deutsche Telekom and Nokia have tested new features of the 5G standard with different applications. Telekom commented that Under 5G, there will no longer be “one size fits all network” but multiple virtual networks running simultaneously on the same common infrastructure. 

Ports should prepare for autonomous transportation

The Hamburg Port Authority along with IAPH launched a study focusing on the impact the autonomous vehicles have on port infrastructure requirements. The study presents what needs to be done in the sectors of road, rail, waterborne, and aerial transportation, so that the port industry adapts automation. The study also provides recommendations on steps to be taken for port authorities being prepared for the technological progress.

HPC completes yard optimisation and simulation study for Chilean Puerto Central

Hamburg Port Consulting (HPC) presented the most promising simulation outcome to Chilean Puerto Rico Central (PCE) concerning the yard optimization and simulation study to the full satisfaction of Puerto Central. The benefits arising from the simulation are an insight into future-proof multi-purpose operation that enables advanced container operations without affecting bulk and RoRo operations. 

European ports support the voting against the European Maritime Single Window

In the discussion on the European Maritime Single Window proposal, MEPs have issued an amendment introducing an EU level access point interface, in addition to the new harmonised interface that will be developed at European level for the national single windows (NSW). The ports of Hamburg, Antwerp and Rotterdam urge the European Transport Committee to vote against the European Maritime Single Window, according to Port of Rotterdam’s statement.

Port of Hamburg to have a Hyperloop transportation system

The collaboration between Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) and the US-based research and development company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) aims at constructing a system that would enable transporting containers at high speed through a tube to and from the Port of Hamburg. 

Ports of Hamburg, Rotterdam ink digital agreement to optimize operations

The Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center and the Rotterdam Port Authority reached an agreement, according to which both ports will exchange relevant data through a digital interface so that shipping companies can steer their ships more efficiently and terminals can optimise their resource planning.

5G trials are conducted in Port of Hamburg

The Port of Hamburg is testing 5G, the next generation mobile standard that aims to transform communications. After six months of preparation the project partners, Hamburg Port Authority, Deutsche Telekom and Nokia, launched a testbed across some 8,000 hectares of port area. A base station has already been installed on Hamburg’s television tower as well.

First automatic reefer container monitoring at Hamburg port

The Port of Hamburg has introduced the first fully-automatic system for monitoring reefer containers, at the C. Steinweg terminal, multi-purpose cargo handling facility. The CTAS Reefer System records, notifies and processes all data, regarding normal functioning, temperature, humidity and other parameters, fully automatically.

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