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Port of Gothenburg marks the largest rail volume in its history

Port of Gothenburg recently published its freight figures for 2019, presenting a growth in its container volumes. Specifically, 456.000 TEU were transported through the port’s rail infrastructure, marking the largest rail volume in the port’s 400-year history.

Container traffic grows at the Port of Gothenburg

Although the Swedish container market has noted a slight fall of 1%, during the first half of 2019, the Port of Gothenburg announced a steady rise in market share and volume. In the period between January and September this year, the records reported 4% rise, due to large arrival of hinterland rail volumes at the port.

Port of Gothenburg preparing for Brexit

With the UK set to leave the EU on Thursday, October 31, the Port of Gothenburg is getting ready to deal with the effects and consequences it will incur for ship freights between Sweden and the UK and the handling of non-UK bound freight at the port.

Watch: Autonomous vehicles operate at Port of Gothenburg

Volvo Trucks’ autonomous vehicle Vera will become part of a solution to transport goods from DFDS’ logistics center to an APM terminal in the Port of Gothenburg, Sweden. The vehicle has a maximum speed of 40 km/hr (25 miles/hr). Last year, Volvo Trucks launched its first electric, autonomous solution, aimed to operate on repetitive assignments in logistics centers, factories and ports.

Construction of crossdocking terminal at Port of Gothenburg begins

The Port of Gothenburg announced that construction of the Svea Terminal, a new rail connected crossdocking terminal for forest products, is now under way. The new terminal will be offering weather-protected transloading right beside the port’s ro-ro and container terminals. Operations will begin during the first half of 2020.

Port of Gothenburg hits construction-milestone in 40 years

According to the port of Gothenburg, it achieved a milestone in light of the largest development project that has been conducted in 40 years. The first phase of the water-based work has been completed, while the construction of 220,000 square metre terminal will be on the next phase. The terminal is planned to be completed in 2025.

Port of Gothenburg launches bunkering app

The previous week, the port of Gothenburg launched a digital application to make bunkering operations at the port easier and more efficient. The ‘bunkering app’ is one of the first in the world to offer this range of functionality.

Port of Gothenburg reports strong rail traffic in 2018

During 2018, 398,000 TEUs were transported to or from the Port of Gothenburg by rail. This fact is indicating the increasing confidence in the Container Terminal throughout the country, according to Claes Sundmark, Vice President, Container, Ro-Ro and Rail at Gothenburg Port Authority. During 2018, rail-borne container volumes to and from the Port of Gothenburg rose by 13%.

Port of Gothenburg container freight volumes up by 17%

Port of Gothenburg has published its 2018 freight figures. Container volumes rose by 17% compared with the previous year. Energy products, intra-European ro-ro units and new cars all decreased by 1%, albeit in relation to the high comparative figures for these three segments in 2017.

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