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Port of Gothenburg starts eelgrass replanting project

The Port of Gothenburg has started replanting 1.7 hectares of eelgrass beds to compensate for the eelgrass that will disappear while the port is building a new terminal. It is the largest replantion of eelgrass ever in Sweden. Eelgrass test plantings have now commenced in two locations just outside port area.

Port of Gothenburg: Steps to environmental sustainability in 2017

The Swedish port of Gothenburg issued its sustainability report for 2017 analyzing how it worked in the past year on steady improvements to reduce the operation’s environmental footprint, under its annual environmental plan, which is based on the City of Gothenburg’s environmental programme.

Port of Gothenburg releases sustainability report for 2017

The Gothenburg Port Authority released its Sustainability Report for 2017, “Sustainable Port”. The report notes that the labour disputes caused a fall in container volumes and affected the number of direct calls. However, record-breaking figures have been reported for cars, Ro-Ro units and energy products. 

How Gothenburg remains a sustainable port

The Port of Gothenburg has issued its sustainability report for 2016, for the fifth year in a row, indicating the important steps taken last year and also port’s objectives for 2025 to ensure sustainable growth in both the short and long terms.

Port of Gothenburg replants vital eelgrass

The Port of Gothenburg has embarked on a major project that will involve replanting 1.7 hectares of vital eelgrass meadows that will disappear with the building of a new terminal as part of the Port’s expansion programme.

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