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Port of Gothenburg conducts Sweden’s first LBG bunkering

During June 25, the first-ever bunkering of liquefied biogas in Sweden, took place at the Port of Gothenburg. ‘Fure Vinga’ received 40 cubic metres of LBG directly from a road tanker. This LBG bunkering was the second ever globally, and took place without an incident. LBG can be used in vessels that are using LNG.

Port of Gothenburg expands LNG bunkering options

Demand for LNG as a marine fuel has grown at Port of Gothenburg and the port has now announced that it increases the range of LNG bunkering options, with the smart energy infrastructure company Swedegas currently constructing a permanent LNG facility at the Energy Port, to become operational in August.

Port of Gothenburg to obtain LNG facility

Port of Gothenburg informed that a construction of an LNG facility is under way at the Port. The facility will create new opportunities for LNG-fueled ships that call at the Gothenburg Energy Port. It will start operations during 2018. LNG will arrive by trailer or in containers, and will be distributed via a 450-metre vacuum-insulated cryogenic pipeline to the quayside.

First LNG bunkering while loading realized at Gothenburg

The first LNG bunkering of a ship, whilst it was loading, took place in the port of Gothenburg, on Friday. Less than a month ago, the port welcomed the first ship-to-ship bunkering of LNG at the quayside. LNG bunkering has in the last few weeks alone become a regular part of operations at the port.

Gothenburg expects more LNG-powered ships next year

“The transition that is taking place is encouraging, and we look forward to welcoming more LNG-powered vessels to the port with a 20 per cent discount per call,” said Gothenburg Port Authority Chief Executive, Magnus Kårestedt.

Skangas conducts STS LNG bunkering at Gothenburg port

Skangas informed that its new vessel ‘Coralius’ bunkered liquefied natural gas to ‘Ternsund’ tanker in the Port of Gothenburg, in its first operation at the port. Ship-to-ship bunkering is often the preferred solution for transferring fuel, as it offers flexibility in transfer location and swift operation.

MAN Cryo, Swedegas to deliver LNG facility in Gothenburg

MAN Cryo, MAN Diesel & Turbo’s marine-LNG fuel-gas-system manufacturer, has signed a contract with Swedish infrastructure company, Swedegas, to deliver a first of its kind LNG bunkering facility within the Port of Gothenburg.

First LNG facility in Gothenburg starts operations in 2018

In view of the shipping industry’s need for an environmentally friendly fuel, Swedegas is investing in a new LNG infrastructure at the Port of Gothenburg, expected to be fully operational in 2018. This is the first LNG facility in Gothenburg, making it possible for vessels to bunker LNG at the quayside, while loading and unloading.

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