Port of Aden

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Port of Aden ready to welcome again cargo traffic

Yemen Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation announced that Yemeni Port of Aden is ready to receive containers and other cargo traffic, as a result of the stabilization of security and the abolition of all the checkpoints that had been developed after the war.

Yemen: Operators at Aden port often face claims

The Swedish P&I Club has reported that operators at Aden port often face claims submitted by consignees. Yemen is a significant importer of goods and is faced with the prevailing difficult times due to conflicts and unstable situation, absence of stable judiciary system and financial constraints.

Aden Port Reopened

Yemen Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation has issued a Circular announcing that the port of Aden is now open and has received more than ten vessels since the cessation of hostilities.

Port of Aden meets COSCO representatives

Captain/ Sami Saeed Farea, Executive Chairman, Port of Aden, met Mr. Wu Jinping, Director General, COSCO to discuss the activity of the shipping line and its wish to transfer containers to and from the Port of Aden again .