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Four arrested after attempting to rob tanker off Malaysia

In its weekly report for 18-24 June, the ReCAAP ISC informed of one incident of armed robbery against the tanker ‘M.T. Ponier’, while anchored in Teluk Ramunia waters, off Pengerang, Malaysia. All four perpetrators were arrested. However, two of the four perpetrators escaped by jumping overboard.

Togolese navy arrests eight pirates after hijacking tanker

According to Ghana News Agency, eight pirates were arrested, when Togolese navy thwarted a maritime hijacking in progress in the Gulf of Guinea. The ones arrested were six Nigerians and two Togolese. The navy quickly responded by dispatching its patrol boats to investigate. The tanker was intercepted 25 nm from the anchorage area and forced to return to Lome. 

Nigeria lost $2.8bn to piracy,UN report

The United Nations Secretary General’s office launched the ‘Activities of the United Nations Office for West Africa and the Sahel’ report, focusing on Nigeria loosing approximately $2.8 billion during 2018, as a result of crude oil and maritime crimes. Maritime crime, including piracy, dominated in the coast of West Africa and posed a big threat to peace and development in the region.

Seychelles charges pirates after attack in Somali Basin

The Seychellois Attorney General informed on 18 December, that the six Somali nationals apprehended by the crew of EU NAVFOR flagship ‘ITS Virginio Fasan’ have been charged with ‘committing an act of piracy’ and ‘attempting an act of piracy’ in the Indian Ocean.

Suspected pirates detained after piracy attacks in Somali Basin

Six suspected pirates on a motor whaler, acting as mother ship, and a skiff have been detained following attacks on a 52,000 tonne container ship and a fishing vessel, during a a 24 hour operation by EUNAVFOR, on 17-18 November, in the Southern Somali Basin.

Robbers arrested after boarding tanker off Malaysia

The ReCAAP ISC informed of a piracy incident on the Thai-flagged product tanker MGT 1. Initial investigation revealed that 13 armed perpetrators with two small fast boats boarded the tanker and forced the crew to transfer one million litres of diesel oil to a mother ship.

NATO Warship apprehends Suspected Pirates

On November 10th, NATO’s counter-piracy Operation OCEAN SHIELD warship HDMS ESBERN SNARE boarded two small craft and detained nine suspected pirates, following an attack in the area the previous day.

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