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Pirates attack fishing vessels off Somalia

On 21 April, fishing vessels FV Adria and FV Txori Argi were attacked by suspected pirates in the Indian Ocean, 280 NM off the coast of Somalia, EU NAVFOR reported. The piracy attacks were thwarted, and the crew and vessels remained safe, due to the implementation of Best Management Practices protection measures by the Masters, the crews and the private security teams on both fishing vessels.

Pirates board tanker in Nigeria and open fire

Four persons in a speed boat armed with automatic weapons approached and boarded an anchored product tanker, on April 15, at Bonny River Inner Anchorage, Nigeria. Fires were shot, with the pirates eventually retreating and escaping. One guard was injured during the shooting and was given first aid by the crew. The remaining crew are reported to be safe. 

Armed robberies against ships in Asia in Q1 reduced 52%

ReCAAP ISC published its Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia for the 1st Quarter Report, from January to March 2019. The report presented a 52% reduction in the total number of incidents reported during January-March 2019, in comparison to the same period in 2018. Both the total number of incidents and number of actual incidents reported during January-March 2019 are the lowest among the period of January-March of 13-year.

Spanish Navy patrol ship saves crew from pirates in Gulf of Guinea

The “Serviola” patrol boat, during its surveillance and maritime security operation in the Gulf of Guinea, managed to free the crewmembers of a merchant ship held by a group of nine pirates, on April 9. The crew of the Nigerian flag merchant ship had been kidnapped for four days. The pirates also stole the money and all the valuables of its endowment, as well as a significant part of the provisions.

IMB: Maritime piracy incidents reduced in first quarter of 2019

The International Chamber of Commerce International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) published its report for the first quarter of 2019, revealing less incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships than the first three months of 2018. During the first quarter of 2019, IMB reported 38 incidents of piracy and armed robbery at sea, which are 28 less incidents than the first quarter of 2018, which stood at 66.

Nigeria’s ‘Deep Blue Project’ to reduce criminalities in its waters

The Nigerian Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, reiterated the Government’s determination to clear the Nigerian territorial waters of criminalities through the Integrated Security and Waterways Protection Infrastructure, otherwise known as the Deep Blue Project. What is more, NIMASA is in collaboration with the National Assembly to ensure that the Antipiracy Bill will pass soon. 

UK, Seychelles cooperate to tackle piracy in the Indian Ocean

The UK Hydrographic Office has presented Security of Navigation, Stabilisation Advice and Training to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Seychelles. The training is designed to improve maritime security and safety of navigation in the Indian Ocean by helping Seychelles share crucial maritime safety information with ships and partners in the region. 

Maritime Security Status: Latest Updates

While speaking at the last SAFETY4SEA Conference in Cyprus, Mr. Dimitris Maniatis, Chief Commercial Officer, Diaplous Maritime Services, provided a recap of the current maritime security status, focusing on key high risk areas, such as the Indian Ocean region and West African waters. For the Gulf of Guinea, he stressed, Piracy and Maritime Aggression is never ending.

Pirates kidnap five crewmembers from OSV off Nigeria

Pirates armed with machine guns in two speed boats approached an offshore support vessel underway on March 9, off Brass, Nigeria, as IMB reports. The pirates boarded the ship, stole crew’s belongings and kidnapped five men. What is more, there are reports that one Nigerian Navy armed guard was killed during exchange of fire.

One incident of armed robbery reported to ReCAAP ISC

During 5 to 11 March 2019, an incident of armed robbery against ship was reported to ReCAAP ISC. The incident took place on 5 February 2019 and was reported to ReCAAP ISC by Focal Point Singapore after verification with the relevant agencies. The incident occurred about 1.3 nm southwest of the Western Boarding Ground Alpha, Singapore.


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