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ReCAAP ISC warning: Singapore Strait incidents continue

Since ReCAAP ISC issued an Incident Alert regarding security incidents involving ships in the eastbound lane of Singapore Strait on 23 October, another four incidents were reported in the region, the ReCAAP ISC said in a new warning. 

Nigeria government revolution

Instead of relying on an ever-shifting number of rules and regulations which are in constant flux, ship managers should instead be looking at more permanent solutions to ensure maritime security, argued Steve Regis, COO, ARX Maritime, in a new article in the wake of the changing security environment in Nigeria.

West African stowaways convicted of threatening crew

Four Nigerian and Liberian stowaways were convicted from a UK court for the crime of affray for supposedly throwing fecal matter and threatening the crew of the Grimaldi con/ro Grande Tema last year. The defendants were cleared of the more serious charge of attempted hijacking. 

Union of Greek Shipowners: Armed piracy should be a top priority

The Union of Greek Shipowners, in light of the recent piracy incidents that gained attention, expressed their great worry and concern and highlighted that all shipping stakeholders should place the piracy incidents as a top priority, as they pose great challenges for the seafarers.

Pirates kidnap 4 crew off Togo

Pirates boarded the tanker ‘Elka Aristotle’ on 4 November, off Lome, Togo, kidnapping 4 crew members, European Navigation confirmed. Now, the company is trying to free the kidnapped crew, highlighting that the safety of its crew is of paramount importance.

Hostages by Somali pirates: A four-year timeline until freedom

A documentary series ‘The negotiators’ is focusing on a hijacking case concerning the crewmembers of the Naham 3 fishing trawler who were taken hostages by Somali pirates back in 2012; the episode begins from the day of the piracy attack, explaining how the negotiations proceeded, the difficulties the negotiators faced and how it all ended.


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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