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Ship reports suspicious approach off Bonny

A cargo ship has allegedly reported a suspicious approach, 65 nm southwest of Bonny, Nigeria, in the Gulf of Guinea. This the 4th offshore incident and the third recorded approach in 2021. 

Maersk Cardiff approached by small vessel in Gulf of Guinea

The Singaporean-flagged container ship MV Maersk Cardiff has been reportedly approached by a small vessel, while 150nm southwest of Bonny, Nigeria, in the Gulf of Guinea. When the incident occurred, the crew mustered in the citadel.

11 armed robberies against ships in Asia in November

In November 2020, 11 incidents of armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia, according to ReCAAP ISC monthly report. With these incidents, the total number of incidents from January to November 2020 was 95 incidents, which represents an increase of 36% compared to the same period of 2019 (70 incidents).

Five incidents against ships in Asia reported last week

In its weekly report for 24-30 November, ReCAAP ISC reported five incidents of armed robbery against ships in Asia. These were reported on ships off Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Malaysia and in Singapore Strait. Of these, one was a CAT 2, two were CAT 3 and two were CAT 4 incidents (least significant). 

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