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Pirates hijack Iranian ship in Gulf of Aden

The Iranian ship is carrying 30,000 tonnes of petrochemical products Pirates in the Gulf of Aden have hijacked an Iranian ship carrying 30,000 tonnes of petrochemical products to a North African country, Iran's semi-official Mehr news agency reported on Tuesday.Somali sea gangs have seized vessels and crews across the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean, extracting millions of dollars in ransoms.Mehr did not say where the information on the latest reported attack came from.Separately on Tuesday, the Pentagon said American forces had rescued six Iranian mariners who said their ship was taking in water off the coast off Iraq.The announcement came less than a week after U.S. naval forces rescued 13 Iranian fishermen who were taken hostage by pirates in the Arabian Sea for more than a month.The rescue operations have taken place at a moment of heightened tension between Washington and Tehran over Iran's nuclear programme, which the West suspects is aimed at building an atomic bomb. Tehran denies the charge, saying its nuclear activities are only for peaceful purposes.Tehran and Washington do not have formal diplomatic relations. The U.S. State Department last week said there had been no official communication with Iran about the first rescue, which ...

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Pirate activity resumes

Currently, pirates released the 'Savina Caylyn' and hijacked the 'Enrico Ievoli' Following a few weeks of inactivity, Somali pirates have hijacked a Marnavi-controlled chemical tanker with 18 crew on board.According to Marnavi, the 'Enrico Ievoli' was hijacked less than 40 miles off the coast of Oman, about 215 miles east by northeast of Salalah.There were six Italians, five Ukrainians and seven Indians on board when the ship came under attack in the early hours of 27th December.The ship was carrying a cargo of 15,750 tonnes of caustic soda to the Mediterranean from Fujairah.Marnavi said that the company had notified Italian authorities and was waiting for more information.Pirates in Haradheere also confirmed to local media that a vessel had been hijacked and was on its way to Somalia.The vessel's Master had alerted the Italian Coastguard headquarters. At the time of the hijacking, she was heading towards the rendezvous point with the Chinese armed convoy.The tanker was thought to have reached the Somali coast on Friday, with all the crew safe, according to OCEANUSlive.Meanwhile, Somali pirates have released the Italian-owned Aframax 'Savina Caylyn' and its 22 crew on 28th December after receiving a multi-million dollar ransom, one of the pirates told Reuters.The ...

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Administration soft peddling piracy attacks on Indian seafarers

MT Enrico Levoli currently attacked by pirates The seafaring community, seafarers' union, ship owners and the trade appear to have reached the end of their tether as a result of the apathy of the Indian administration towards continuing piracy and mere lip service being paid to the plight of the unfortunate hijacked Indian seafarers. The last straw has come by way of the hijack of the Italy-flagged MT Enrico Levoli which was attacked some 30 nautical miles off the Omani coast probably by Somali Pirates at about 0300 UTC on 27th Dec'11 while the vessel was sailing from Fujairah (UAE) towards the Mediterranean Sea.The 138 meters hijacked vessel was carrying about 15,750 metric tonnes of caustic soda. The hijacked seafarers numbering 18 in all onboard comprised 6 Italian, 5 Ukrainian and 7 Indian. The 7 Indian seafarers have been recruited by Andheri (W), Mumbai based Marnavi Shipping Management Pvt. Ltd. on behalf of its principal Marnavi S.P.A, Napoli, Italy.Italian Foreign Ministry confirmed the hijacking stating that the vessel was off the coast of Oman. He said that situation is being closely watched and declined to provide further details. Simultaneously, Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi di Sant' Agata wrote on his ...

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Italian Tanker, Enrico Ievoli Hijacked by Pirates Off Oman

In the early hours of December 27 The news has been confirmed by the Italian Foreign Ministry that the chemical tanker carrying approximately 15,750 tons of caustic soda had been pirated.MT Enrico Ievoli,sailing from Fujairah (UAE) bound for the Mediterranean Sea,was captured approximately 215 nautical miles East by Northeast of Salalah, Oman at 0403 UTC. With a crew of 18 comprising of six Italians, five Ukrainians and seven Indians, it is owned by Marnavi of Naples in Italy. The Master had alerted the Italian Coastguard headquarters."As far as we know, the Enrico Ievoli is currently in movement towards an unknown destination. We presume it's Somalia," Domenico Levoli, the director of Marnavi said in speaking to AFP. Levoli went on to say the ship's Italian captain, Agostino Musumeci, had told him: "The pirates are on board but we are all fine."The hijack of the tanker comes after two Italian tankers, Rosalia D'Amato and Savina Caylyn were freed for a total of around US$17 million. The Enrico Ievoli had experienced a pirate attack in March 2006.Recent reporting of pirate activity in the Horn of Africa and Indian Ocean regions stated that pirate attacks, despite the record high level so far this year, ...

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Iranian Navy Thwarts Pirate Attack on Saudi Oil Tanker

Iranian Navy has been conducting anti-piracy patrols in the Gulf of Aden An attempted hijack of a Saudi oil tanker by unknown pirate boats was foiled after an Iranian fleet of warships present in the region rushed to the scene."After the regional center of Chabahar coast guard watch announced last night that a Saudi oil tanker had asked for help due to the suspicious approach of several unknown boats, Jamaran destroyer was dispatched to the area swiftly," Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Seyed Mahmoud Moussavi told reporters on Monday."After the presence of the destroyer (on the scene), the unknown boats fled the area and the entire region came under the control (of the Iranian Navy forces)," he added.Moussavi did not mention the specific coordinates or region of the international waters that the Saudi oil tanker was saved by the Iranian destroyer, but the development has most likely taken place in the Sea of Oman where Iran is presently staging massive wargames.Iran's naval forces have deployed in the international waters of the Sea of Oman and the Indian Ocean after they started massive wargames in the international waters on Saturday.The naval maneuvers dubbed Velayat 90 are due to ...

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Guided-missile destroyer USS Pinckney disrupts pirates attack on MV Nordic Apollo

USS Pinckney Disrupts Piracy Guided-missile destroyer USS Pinckney (DDG 91), assigned to Combined Task Force (CTF) 151, disrupted a group of suspected pirates close to the Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor (IRTC), south of Yemen, Dec. 19.The Merchant Shipping Industry Best Management Practices, Version 4 (BMPv4) encourages merchant vessels to register with the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Organization (UKMTO) while transiting areas known to be high risk for piracy.At approximately 8:40 a.m., the Motor Vessel (M/V) Nordic Apollo reported to the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Organization (UKMTO) they were under attack and been fired upon by pirates from a skiff.Having registered their route with UKMTO in accordance with BMPv4, Nordic Apollo's position was relayed to counter-piracy forces operating in the region.At approximately 11:00 a.m., the M/V Heather, operating 30 nautical miles from Nordic Apollo, reported suspicious activity by a skiff.Pakistan Navy Rear Adm. Kaleem Shaukat, CTF 151's commander, authorized Pinckney to investigate.Nordic Apollo confirmed the pirate attack, but stated they no longer had sight of the skiff. In response to the distress call, Pinckney made best speed to the area, issued a radio warning to other vessels in the vicinity, and launched its MH-60R helicopter.The helicopter crew successfully tracked and located ...

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US Navy Stops Somali Pirate Attack

Pirates attacked on tanker Nordic Apollo A U.S. destroyer broke up an attack by Somali pirates on Monday in the lawless waters of the Gulf of Aden, but the American Sailors let the would-be hijackers go, the Navy announced.The incident highlights the difficulty for the U.S. and international navies that patrol the pirate-infested waters off the Horn of Africa, where warships can help disrupt attacks when they happen or sometimes rescue ships after the fact -- but only treat the symptoms of the piracy problem, not its root causes.According to the Navy, the Marshall Islands-flagged tanker Nordic Apollo radioed for help at about 8:40 a.m. local time on Monday -- its crew reported being fired upon by pirates in a small skiff. At 11:00 a.m., another vessel reported "suspicious activity by a skiff," and the destroyer USS Pinckney responded to investigate.The San Diego-based Pinckney radioed a warning to all the ships in the area and launched its helicopter, an MH-60R Seahawk, to try to track the pirates. Meanwhile, the destroyer hurried to where the skiff had been spotted.According to the Navy's announcement, the Pinckney's Seahawk crew sighted the skiff and confirmed it was carrying the telltale equipment of modern pirates:"The ...

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Piracy attacks down over rough seas

Six pirate groups and six boats are missing at sea The number of pirate attacks off the Somali coast has declined considerably in recent weeks due to strong winds and storms with pirates reporting that at least six of their groups and six of their boats were lost at sea.The six pirates groups from Harardheere, Hobyo, Garacad, Bargaal and Ceel Dhanaane area have still not returned from their hijacking missions, according to pirates who spoke to Somalia Report on Sunday."Winds and storms greatly affected us. We were forced to decrease our attacks these days. Six groups of my friends, using six speed boats, have been lost. We haven't heard from them in twenty days. Three groups were from Garacad, Bargaal and Ceel Dhanaane while another three groups were from the Harardhere and Hobyo area," said Mohamed Ahmed, a pirate in Bari region."I don't know exactly how many pirates went to sea, but they were at least 53 pirates using six speed boats, carrying different weapons and our equipment to hijack vessels," added the pirate.Another pirate in Harardheere area also confirmed the incident to Somalia Report."A total of six groups, each one using one speed boat, are missing. We call the ...

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