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Legal Requirements for Issuing Pilotage Exemption Certificates

PWC study on Pilotage Exemption Certificates for European Commission A study on Pilotage Exemption Certificates, prepared by PwC and Panteia for the European Commission, Directorate-Generalfor Mobility and Transport, provides a comprehensive picture of the procedures and legal requirements for issuing Pilotage Exemption Certificates (PECs) across the EU, Croatia and Norway.The study was intended to provide a baseline of information and data that can be further used to assess the need for a EU policy initiative on PECs.The data gathered during this Study has enabled the compilation of a comprehensive picture of what is happening across the EU, Croatia and Norway with regard to the issuance and usage of PECs.In addition, a wealth of opinion has been gathered from a considerable cross-section of stakeholders, which is invaluable in terms of understanding how PECs are perceived and how their presence impacts on stakeholders.Pilotage legislationOver the last 15 years there have been major amendments to pilotage legislation, mostly concerning the way in which pilotage is organized, rules on pilotage, exemptions policy and PEC procedures. In countries that have recently joined or will join the EU changes have concerned alignment of policies with international and/or EU requirements.Further changes to legislation are planned in thirteen ...

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Safety, maritime chiefs look to compulsory pilotage

Pilots ensure vessels arrive and anchor s safely Maritime officials are considering introducing compulsory pilotage for cargo ships leaving Gibraltar following an investigation into a collision earlier this year.At present ships are only required to use locally-based marine pilots when entering Gibraltar waters. The pilots have close knowledge of navigation conditions here and ensure vessels arrive and anchor safely.But experts from the Gibraltar Maritime Administration said navigational safety could be further strengthened by making pilots compulsory for departing ships too.The recommendation came in a report into the collision between the Chinese cargo ship Jinggangshan and the tanker Aeolos, one of several vessels used to store bunker fuel in the Bay of Gibraltar.The Jinggangshan had taken on fuel and was sailing from Gibraltar waters without a pilot last May when it hit the tanker, which was anchored in the bay.This was a minor collision by any measure. There were no injuries or pollution and the vessels sustained only slight damage.But the incident nonetheless highlighted the potential risk and was viewed seriously by maritime officials.The investigation by the GMS concluded that a navigational error by the captain of the Chinese ship was the most likely cause of the collision.The report, which was ...

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