Pilot Transfer Arrangements

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APA recommends changes to pilot operations to improve safety

Following the loss of a New York pilot on December 30, the American Pilots’ Association issued a notice to the marine community advising of the dangers of some accommodation ladder/ pilot ladder combination arrangements with integrated embarking platforms.

US marine pilots urge on unsafe trapdoor arrangement

Following the death of a New York pilot back in December 2019, the American Pilots’ Association on behalf of around 1.200 American ship pilots, recently conducted a letter to the US State Pilotage Authorities concerning pilots’ safety.

Tokyo MoU: Risks of improperly rigged pilot ladders

Tokyo MoU issued a Safety Bulletin to inform of the potential risks of using improperly rigged pilot ladders. This comes in response to several reports from pilots and pilot associations indicating that vessels are improperly securing their pilot ladders to the ship.

CHIRP mostly receives reports from pilots due to lack of safety measures

In its latest issue for November, CHIRP focuses on the reasons why receiving several reports from marine pilots is a constantly-seen phenomenon. Many of the received reports are based on pilot boarding arrangements or pilotage issues, while CHIRP highlights the facts of this usual situation.

Best Practice Guide on Pilot Transfer Arrangements CIC

SQEMARINE recommends best practice guide for Pilot Transfer Arrangements CIC, scheduled from Sep. 1st to Nov. 30rd, 2016. This CIC aims to verify that vessels comply with the requirements and measures regarding pilot transfer arrangements on board ships detailed in the Annex to IMO Resolution A.1045 (27)

Riyadh MoU to focus on pilot transfer arrangements

Riyadh MoU announced the launch of a CIC based on Pilot Transfer Arrangement which will be held from three months, from September 1st until November 30th 2016. The purpose of this CIC is to ensure that the ship master and crew are familiar with this arrangement.

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