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Tensions over the South China Sea escalate

China, Vietnam and the Philippines plan to drill for oil in the contested waters Tensions over the South China Sea escalated sharply this week as Vietnam and the Philippines, tacitly backed by the US, made further aggressive moves to assert their claims against those of China in the disputed waters.Despite the growing potential for conflict, Democrat Senator Jim Webb, head of the Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on East Asia, called for an even tougher American line. He introduced a bill on Monday condemning the use of force by naval and maritime security vessels from China in the South China Sea. The bill stated its support for the continuation of operations by the United States Armed Forces to assert and defend freedom of navigation rights in international waters and air space in the South China Sea.Speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations on the same day, Webb stated: I think we in our government have taken too weak of a position on this. He cited Secretary of State Hillary Clintons statements last year on the US return to Asia approvingly, but added: Were going to back up those words with substantive action. It doesnt mean, you know, military confrontation per se, ...

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Manila renames South China Sea as West Philippine Sea

Due to tensions with Beijing mount over the disputed area Philippine President Benigno Aquino's office said on Monday it was renaming the South China Sea as the "West Philippine Sea", as tensions with Beijing mount over the disputed area.The Philippines and China, along with Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam have competing claims to areas of the South China Sea, most importantly the Spratly Islands that are believed to sit on vast oil and gas resources.Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said the foreign affairs and defence departments recently began using the term West Philippine Sea instead of the South China Sea, and the president's office had decided to follow suit."It is incumbent on us to take the cue from them and to refer to South China Sea as West Philippine Sea," he said.Lacierda pointed out other countries had similar practices."All the other nations call the South China Sea based on how they perceive it. Vietnam calls it East Sea so it is but natural for us to call it West Philippine Sea," he said.The area of water to the east of the island nation is already known as the Philippine Sea, so that the new name threatens possible confusion over the western ...

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Palace urges boycott jewelry made from black coral

Government agents seized 168 sacks of black corals worth P15 million The Palace on Thursday called on the public to boycott jewelry houses that sell products made from black coral, which is disappearing as a result of poaching.Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said not patronizing such pieces of jewelry would help save the biodiversity of Philippine seas.We need greater scrutiny of the trade in black corals so that Philippine authorities can work with their counterparts in other places, Lacierda said.As in other environmental protection efforts, where biodiversity is threatened, an essential element in the effort is to educate the public to do its part not to make plunder pay off for poachers.Customs officials intercepted 21,169 black corrals two weeks ago.The crime has been described as the rape of the ocean, with poachers decimating an entire reef complex, almost twice the size of Manila, off the coast of Cotabato province.Customs Commissioner Angelito Alvarez estimated the seized contraband had a market value of at least P35 million.The poachers also killed 161 endangered turtles.We call on local government units to refer to and implement the guidebook on Coral Reef Protection issued by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources last year, Lacierda said.Earlier this ...

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Philippine Coast Guard investigates the cause of fire hit cargo passenger vessel

Loaded with 40,000 liters of gasoline - eight were seriously hurt The Philippine Coast Guard has ordered for a thorough probe on the cause of the fire that hit a cargo passenger vessel loaded with 40,000 liters of gasoline and other petroleum products where about eight were seriously hurt.This developed as Coast Guard commandant Vice Admiral Ramon C. Liwag identified the 14 passengers of the MV STC Jeffrey Roy as Nathan Balbona, boat captain; Jerwin Roy Y Vicente,11; Rolly Mangarin, 20; Francisco Rubio, 50; Jameson Ray, 53; Erasco Rosero, 52; Florito Robizo, 33; Ning Rapal, 20 ; Jesmar Ragot, 20; Dinnes Mangarin; Ronito Robizo, 53; Jerson Roy, 50; Jobert Mangarin, 20; and Noe Macalipay.Coast Guard Station Camarines Sur said pending the outcome of the thorough investigation, the ill-fated vessel is in the custody of the Coast Guard Detachment Pasacao for further investigation and proper disposition.Source: Journal Online

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Philippines makes first bid for the secretary-generalship of IMO

Diplomat Neil Frank Ferrer has been the Philippine representative to the IMO over the past 12 years The Philippines, the biggest supplier of seamen in the world, is making its first bid for the secretary-generalship of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).The IMO is the United Nations specialized agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine pollution by ships.Diplomat Neil Frank Ferrer, 42, the Filipino candidate, has been the Philippine representative to the IMO over the past 12 years and has served as chair of the powerful Maritime Safety Committee (MSC). He knows the ins and outs of the organization and has grown with the times under the IMO.The next IMO chief will need to keep an eye on the safety and security of maritime transport in the face of increased piracy. Environmental issues are also high on the agenda. Promoting the rights and welfare of seafarers is also the IMOs work.Ferrer holds a degree in Political Science from the University of the Philippines. After passing the consular exams for young ambassadors and joining the foreign service, he took up his Masters of Science in Economics at the De La Salle University, and later ...

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Australian cargo ship run aground in southern Philippines due to human error

The crew ventured closer to get a better satellite signal for the box match Officials are blaming human error for the accidental grounding of a cargo ship off the coast of Sarangani province in the southern Philippines last Sunday.The Australian cargo ship, MV DOUBLE PROSPERITY, loaded with coal, was on its way to India when it ran aground just 2.6 miles from shore in the shallow waters of the protected coral reefs.Officials speculate that the crew ventured closer to shore in an attempt to get a better satellite signal and a clearer television picture to watch the boxing match between Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao and American start Shane Mosley.The local Coast Guard is investigating the incident, but has indicated their initial findings point to human error as the cause of the accident. Local officials continue to monitor the vessel for leaks. A high tide is expected over the weekend, and officials hope it will be enough to free the disabled ship.Source: The Maritime Executive

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