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USCG Signals intent to require Safety Management Systems for domestic passenger vessels

Jeffrey S. King, Luke M. Reid and James A. Sartucci from K&L Gates discuss potential changes concerning U.S. flag commercial passenger vessels. Current regulations do not specifically require vessel owners and operators to develop and implement a formal, written SMS. What the new regulations will look like, and what this means for the domestic passenger vessel industry, is presently unclear, they note, highlighting key concerns that need to be addressed. 

New Zealand extends cruise ships ban

New Zealand announced extension of a ban on cruise ships arriving in the country and tightened quarantine rules, after a small increase of COVID-19 cases were attributed to overseas travel.

TSB investigation: Three safety concerns after bottom contact of passenger vessel

TSB Canada issued an investigation report into the bottom contact of the passenger vessel Island Queen III near Whiskey Island off Kingston, in August 2017. The Board issued three safety concerns relating to carriage of lifejackets, the evacuation of passengers during an emergency, and specialized training for crew.

US passenger vessel operators urge for financial help

US passenger vessel operators experiencing low ridership and large economic losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic are calling President Donald Trump to include the sector in the administration’s plans to provide economic assistance.

WHO guidelines for managing COVID-19 onboard ships

WHO has recently shared operational considerations for managing COVID-19 cases and outbreaks onboard ships. This document is based on the evidence currently available about coronavirus transmission and is to be used in conjunction with the published WHO Handbook for management of public health events onboard.

Diamond Princess’s passengers return back home

Following the coronavirus outbreak and with Diamond Princess cruise under quarantine for the last two weeks, its passengers begun to disembark. According to the International Transport Workers’ Federation the repatriation process has started, and the remaining crew is expected to return back home in the following days.

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