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Paris MoU releases CIC results on MLC

The Paris MoU has released a report including the results of its latest CIC which focused on compliance with MLC requirements. The campaign was carried out between 1 Sept to 30 Nov 2016 where a total of 3,674 inspections were carried out and a total of 42 ships were detained. Principal grounds for detention were linked with wages, seafarer’s employment agreement and procedure of complaint areas.

Paris MoU CIC on MLC achieved its goal

Paris MoU has expressed its satisfaction with the overall result of its CIC on MLC for which a total of 3,674 questionnaires were completed from 1 Sep to 30 Nov 2016. The campaign resulted in 42 MLC detentions. Positive results were recorded on certificates attesting medical fitness, the verification of records of the inspections of the accommodation, food and catering.

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