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Paris MoU celebrates 35 years on PSC

The Paris MoU is pleased to announce that this year marks the 35th anniversary when the Memorandum on Port State Control was signed by 14 countries and has produced an infographic to illustrate major milestones accomplished over these years. The Paris MoU was established in 1982 and since then, the agreement has expanded to 27 members.

MCA: Eight foreign ships detained in UK on February 2017

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency announced that eight foreign flagged ships were under detention in UK ports, during February 2017, after failing Port State Control (PSC) inspection and publishes details of the foreign flagged vessels detained in UK ports each month.

Star Bulk Carriers awarded with USCG Qualship 21

The Republic of the Marshall Islands Registry announced the award of Qualship 21 status by the United States Coast Guard to 30 bulk carriers owned and operated by Star Bulk Carriers Corp. The Qualship 21 program provides positive rewards to high quality ships and can only be awarded to vessels sailing under a qualifying flag.

Cyprus flag enters German market

The Cyprus Department of Merchant Shipping announced the appointment of Christian Bahr as its sales executive in Germany. Based in Hamburg, Bahr will be responsible for communicating the competitive advantages of the Cyprus flag and maritime cluster to the German market.

Paris MoU agrees on new CIC for 2018

The Paris MoU announced that it has agreed on a new Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) for next year which will focus on MARPOL Annex VI to highlight the importance of the IMO requirements for stricter limits on air pollution from ships.

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