Maritime cooperation centres launched in Africa and Pacific

The centres will be regional focal points for various activities, such as ensuring compliance with existing and future international energy-efficiency regulations, promoting uptake of low-carbon technologies and operations in maritime transport, and establishing voluntary pilot data-collection and reporting systems to feed back into the global regulatory process.

Aquatic species cross Pacific after Japan tsunami in 2011

According to marine biologists from the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Williams College and other institutions nearly 300 coastal species were detected in Hawaii and the U.S. West Coast, after the tsunami in Japan in 2011, which crossed the ocean by attaching on debris.

Chile sets world’s largest Marine Protected Area

The Chilean government declared the Rapa Nui Rahui Marine Protected Area, aiming to safeguard the waters surrounding the Rapa Nui, Pacific Ocean island. The area, one of the largest in the world, will protect about 740,000 square kilometers, roughly the size of Chile’s land area.

Pacific Community to host Maritime Technology Centre

IMO says that the Pacific Community has been selected to host the regional Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre for the Pacific region with the aim to deliver the agreed project milestones over a three-year period, making a significant contribution to IMO’s efforts to ensure effective implementation and enforcement of the global energy-efficiency regulations for international shipping.

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