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Tanker runs aground off Petit Bois Island

An oil tanker ran aground near Petit Bois Island, a barrier island off the coast of Pascagoula, on April 21. The vessel was reportedly carrying 21 million gallons of Colombian crude oil, but according to sources it was successfully refloated on April 22. As of now there are no signs of pollution, but pollution responders and investigators are searching the incident area, while also monitoring the tank level for any indications that the tank is leaking.

Storage tanks at Deer Park Complex catch fire

Six petrochemical storage tanks caught fire at the International Terminal Co. storage farm at Houston’s sprawling Deer Park refining complex, on March 17. The fire spread quickly, and managed to affect a total of seven filled. These tanks include gasoline, xylene, naphtha and lubricant base oil. All employees are accounted for, and no injuries have been reported.

Barge with 14,000 barrels of fuel oil runs aground off New York

The US Coast Guard responded to the grounding of a barge in Coney Island Channel near Brighton Beach, New York, on Wednesday August 22 morning. There were 14,000 barrels of fuel oil on board the barge but no pollution was reported. The cause of the incident is under investigation.

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