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Shipping companies falsify oil record book, fined $1.8 million

The US Department of Justice fined two shipping companies, incorporated in Liberia, for failing to notify the USCG  of a hazardous condition on one of their vessels and to violating the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships (APPS) by presenting false documents to the Coast Guard that covered up vessel oil pollution.

Kirby Corp. to pay $2.2m for 2016 Canadian oil spill

In 2016, a tug barge owned by Houston-based Kirby Corp. ran aground in the Seaforth Channel near Bella Bella, about 98 nautical miles north of Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. After the incident an oil spill was detected in the waters, for which the Provincial Court of British Columbia sentenced Kirby to pay a $2.2 million penalty.

Court decision clarifies situation over MARPOL breaches in EEZ

In case a ship pollutes the waters within the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of a country but does not call at any of that country’s ports, it has not always been clear who has the right to impose penalties. However, according to North P&I Club, a recent European Court of Justice decision comes to provide some clarity on the issue.

Tanker operator fined with USD 2 mn for dumping oily waste

Vessel operator Interorient Marine Services was convicted and sentenced in Louisiana for maintaining false and incomplete records relating to the discharge of oil from a tanker. Senior ship officers employed by the company aboard the Ridgebury Alexandra Z discharged oily waste into the ocean by flushing the vessel’s pollution prevention equipment sensor with fresh water.

Shell Offshore to pay $2.2 million for 2016 Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Shell Offshore, a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, will pay $2.2 million for violating the Clean Water Act after spilling 1,900 barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico in May 2016. Then a subsea pipeline cracked at the company’s Green Canyon oil field. The new fine comes to add to $3.9 million the company agreed to pay in July 2018, for natural resource damage charges due to the spill.

Court upholds $1.8 billion compensation from Prestige oil spill

Spain’s Supreme Court decided that the captain and the insurer of the Prestige oil tanker must pay over 1.5 billion euros in compensation for Spain’s biggest environmental disaster and one of Europe’s worst oil spills. The Prestige oil tanker had sank in 2002.

BVI government wins compensation over ‘Vagabond’ oil spill

The Government of the Virgin Islands was awarded $221,935.86 for clean-up costs, as a result from the oil spill involving the freighter ‘Vagabond’, owned by Caribbean Transport Ltd., back in 2006. This is the first matter of this kind that has been taken to the High Court.

US court upholds penalties for Greek shipping companies over ocean pollution

A US federal appeals court upheld the criminal convictions and penalties that were imposed on the operators of the Ocean Hope. The case stems after an inspection, during which senior engineers for the companies tried to hide that the vessel had been dumping oily wastes into the ocean for months.

Two fishing companies fined over illegal oil discharge off Hawaii

Two Honolulu-based fishing companies, along with the company managers and vessel operators, have agreed to implement operational improvements and other compliance measures and pay civil penalties over numerous discharges of oily bilge waste from the commercial fishing vessels ‘Triple Dragon’ and ‘Capt. Millions III’.  

US fishing companies to pay $400,000 over illegal oil discharge

Two US fishing companies and two individuals have agreed to pay a total of $414,000 in civil penalties and to perform fleet-wide improvements to resolve federal Clean Water Act claims stemming from oily bilge discharges from the fishing vessel ‘Challenge’, and a related fuel oil discharge in August 2017 in New Bedford.

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