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Vast oil spill affects beaches in Brazil

Brazil informed on September 27, that an oil spill has contaminated beaches and coastline across eight Brazilian states. However, Brazilian authorities are not about where the oil originated from, with Brazil’s oil agency ANP believing that it may have been spilled by a tanker.

Thailand upgrades its oil spill preparedness plan

Thailand is the latest country to benefit from IMO aid in order to upgrade its oil spill preparedness plan at the National Workshop on National Contingency in Bangkok, which was carried out from Tuesday 24 to Friday 27 September.

EMSA, JACO cooperate to identify possible pollutions

In cooperation with the Joint Arctic Command (JACO), EMSA plans and orders satellite imagery to meet service coverage requirements. After image acquisition trained operators analyze the images with supporting information, like vessel position data, to identify possible pollutions. After assessing the images, the operators also determine the possibility of the presence of oil on the sea surface, and to help in identifying the source of the pollution.


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