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Fishing vessel sinks due to unloading large catch

On the morning of 11 September 2017, the fishing vessel ‘Langley Douglas’ developed a port list, capsized, and subsequently sank 60 miles east of Cape Charles, Virginia. A US Coast Guard helicopter rescued the five people onboard. The Langley Douglas was valued at $1.95 million.

Tips to address the risks of icing on fishing vessel stability

On the aftermath of the sinking of the fishing vessel ‘Destination’ with loss of six crewmembers, the NTSB issued a safety alert highlighting how icing can dangerously degrade a vessel’s stability. The investigation showed that the vessel likely capsized at night in rough seas and gale force winds due to topside ice accumulation.

Icing leads to fatal fishing vessel sinking in Bering Sea

NTSB released a report on the sinking of the vessel ‘Destination’, which caused the death of six crewmembers. The 110-foot vessel sank while it was sailing in the Bering Strait, with NTSB determining that the most probable cause of the sinking was the accumulation of ice on the vessel and its fishing gear after experiencing forecasted heavy freezing spray conditions.

Unattended wheelhouse the cause of Southern Bell’s sinking off Texas

The NTSB issued an investigation report on the grounding and sinking of the fishing vessel ‘Southern Bell’ in the Gulf of Mexico, east of Sabine Pass Jetty Channel, in October 2017, that resulted in a release of approximately 3,800 gallons of diesel and oil into the water and in vessel total loss.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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