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North P&I Club issues guide for sanctions

Recently, the North P&I Club issued its revised guide on evaluating the risk of sanctions, focusing on the application and scope of the U.S. and EU sanctions, in regards to their jurisdiction over companies; whether other sanctions apply to trading partners- such as banks, insurers or reinsurers or whether there are there any “party” related sanctions which impact on the ability to complete the contemplated trade, among other issues.

Ivory Coast taxes shipowners

The North P&I Club informs that the Ivory Coast have issued a notice on their intention to collect fees from vessels that are engaged on international voyages and are loading or discharging at Ivorian ports. Namely, the country’s Secretary of State of the Minister of Transports has issued a note to shipowners whose vessels call at Ivory Coast, referencing the l’Union Economique et Monétaire Ouest Africaine (UEMOA) regulations in relation to the Rights of Maritime Traffic, which took effect on 1 January 2020.

Requirements for cargo hold cleanliness in Argentina

Cargo hold cleaning is a major issue nowadays given that it is responsible for the quality of the product it will transmit; Therefore, the North Club issued information of cargo cleanliness requirements in Argentina for all interested parties.

High risk routes for drug smuggling

North informs that recent incidents of criminals using cargo ships to smuggle narcotics have highlighted specific routes that are being targeted by smugglers. Namely, one route is Barranquilla to Altamira, as there has been a notable increase in the finding of cocaine on vessels trading from Colombia to Mexico. In most of the cases, bulk carriers have been targeted. The drugs, in the form of packaged cocaine were buried within the cargo and were only discovered during discharge operations.

Tips for onboard engineers on safely switching to VLSFOs

In line with its guidance on how to be sulphur-compliant during a port state control, the North Club issued another guidance assisting seagoing engineers on a safe and efficient switch towards very low sulphur fuel oil.

Guidance on fuel-compliance during PSC inspections for 2020

The North P&I Club issued a guidance in light of the upcoming 2020 sulphur cap, to help vessels be complaint with the fuel requirements of each port when being inspected by port state control authorities; Thus, the Club informs on what to expect when calling ports in different states.

SeaSense – Expert Thinking on Safety Performance

This time, our special column, in association with The North of England P&I Club, gives emphasis on safety performance. Today, shipping industry should be able to measure real safety performance. For this reason, focus on measuring and assessing performance is necessary, as it will provide ways to develop and manage challenges successfully. Eventually, measuring safety performance accurately, will give a clearer picture of how the industry is doing things. 

CO2 systems risk awareness crucial to prevent accidents

As the North P&I Club highlights, a recent incident that caused the deaths of ten people on board a vessel, has pinpointed the dangers of not fully understanding the operation of fixed CO2 systems. To prevent similar incidents, North suggests that it is critical for all persons involved to be aware of the risks.

Safe working on CO2 systems

David Patterson, Loss Prevention Executive, North P&I Club discusses of a recent incident that resulted with the loss of ten people onboard a vessel, highlighting what the dangers are when not fully-understanding the operation of fixed CO2 systems.

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